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Battery drain problem

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Apr 4, 2017
Since a few days when the battery of my Galaxy S7 comes to about 30%, it drops suddenly to 3% in one second ! Do you know how to fix this problem ?


Senior Member
Jul 19, 2016
You can try this:

- Go to the dialer
- Type *#0228#
- Press "Quick Start"
- Press "OK"
- Phone will lock automaticaly, don't press anything
- After a few seconds, it should get to the lockscreen. You can now use ist normaly.

If it doesn't get automaticaly to the lockscreen press the Home-, or the Powerbutton, unlock it, and try this again after a few minutes.


Nov 24, 2015
Changed from a Huawei P10 to s7

Hi All

Just wanted to check if this is normal as i have just come from the p10 ...

The P10 seemed very good at deep sleep meaning that once unplugged at 100 % I would look at my phone after a few hours and it would usually still be 100 %. I have a fitbit attached at all times to my s7 the same as i did on the p10 yet the s7 seems to lose power even when in sleep. i have disabled loads of bloatware in the s7 as i thought that could be the issue (including samsung pay that was forced onto me !) using package disabler pro and although it has helped it still happens. without uploading stats this was more of a question to see if its just the way it is on the s7 ? i have a galaxy tab s3 that holds its charge when in sleep so was curious as its the same version of android i think..

Many thanks in advance

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