battery issue on GWA2

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May 12, 2019
let me just preface the below post with the note that my watch is STILL under warranty, and I've already set up a repair after following typical troubleshooting plus what I was able to dig up here.
onto the post:

so, I noticed this morning when I got out of GWA2 was at 22%....I literally did a double take.

see, I charge my watch twice a day, once before bed, once when I get out of bed, and its NEVER below 80% first thing in the morning, with a typical average of 85-90% charge.

and the average lifespan if I dont charge this way tends towards 2-3 days(WITH several things on at all times, eg wifi for example, not the watchface though).

so going from 2-3 days to effectively 8-9 hours was a HUGE 'wait, what the duck?'

is it me or is that NOT normal?

and before anyone asks, this last charge was with the watch set to power saver mode, so it lasted barely 12 hours. again cause for concern.

not sure whats different other than my moving from the iphone 6s plus to the iphone 8 with its bluetooth 5 transmitter...

anyone got a clue?