Battery Issues - Solutions?

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Apr 9, 2015
So I've had the Pixel XL since it first was released. Overall I've had no real issues, after a few OS updates it would start to get warm, but a full wipe and reload of apps would seem to fix this. I have it upgraded to Android 10, Rooted with Magisk and a couple apps, and have close to the latest patches on it and it has had an Otterbox on it since I got it.

Overall I have been happy with it, but the only issue I have is the battery. I can only get to about 20% battery when I am unsure when it will die. Sometimes it dies at ~20% if I am using Waze or Maps, something intensive. Sometimes it makes it all the way down to 5% if it has been idling and I tap the screen to see, I can unlock before it shuts down.

I understand it is the battery is probably degrading from age. So I am looking for options. I know the Pixel 4 was released, but I use the fingerprint reader quite a bit and don't like the face scanners so that leaves that out. I am also not a fan of the notch for an earlier 3 XL. I could get an external battery pack to replace my OtterBox case to sustain in-between charging but not sure which would work and could maintain data throughput and hopefully quick charging.

Any suggestions on what people have done in this situation?
Thanks in advance.


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Sep 14, 2010
I'm having a similar situation. Bought my Pixel XL not long after it was released. Overall very happy with it, but recently it starts to get some battery problems. Mine is a bit better than your case. It's just degraded so I have to charge it three or four times per day for normal usage. Worth to mention that I limited the max charging to 80%. Now I'm considering to try the replacement battery from ifixit. However, some people say it's easy to destroy the screen during the replacement. I'm still having some further study here…


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Oct 11, 2016
it is pretty easy lol
The only thing that is easy is breaking the screen. It's doable if you are really, really careful and have experience. I've done Motorola G 4, LG, Samsung screens, and iPad. Not sure I would try pixel. Paid to have mine repaired $80 and even repair shop broke the screen and had to replace.