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Battery Life Discussion

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Senior Member
Oct 2, 2008
First day with the device. Charges it to 100% around 1pm applied update now 9pm battery on 18% with heavy use....this is on first charge cycle.

Paired with Bluetooth 4.0 one plus one.

Not a single complaint here.


Senior Member
Mar 13, 2009
I have had the moto since this past Friday, and I was honestly thinking about taking it back after the first two days, because my battery life was horrible for day to day usage. Today however, I took it off of my charger at 8:00 am, used it for a quick 10 minute navigation, received about 10 text messages and a maybe 5 email notifications, and a weather alert. I'm about 9 hours of usage, and I'm at 72%, which is not bad at all.

I still wonder how long this thing would last for those who receive lots of text messages/emails throughout the day. I still have two weeks before my return window passes, so i will see how it goes after a few charges.

Update: Ok guys update to my earlier post: another 4 hours have past since my last posy. During this time, I used the moto to control my music playback while on the train for about 20 minutes, I sent my wife 3 text via voice after I got off the train, used the navigation for about 15 minutes just for a fun walk home. Sent another 10 text messages via voice using the moto, and received about two emails.

I am now at 55%, after 11 hours of what I would consider normal usage. This thing definitely works better after a couple of charges!

I am pretty sure that I can make the 24 hours, since I will not be using it in another to hours (bed time).:cool:

Mr Ian B

Senior Member
Aug 3, 2010
After a week with the Moto360, I have decided to let it drain completely and recharge it to full. Now I am getting 20 hours a day of battery life and 10% still left. Give it a shot.

Ian B


Senior Member
Jun 29, 2007
Ewa Beach
After one week of use, I'm returning my 360 for a Gear 2. Google now is pretty good, but wondering if my watch is going to make it a full day has lost its novelty.


Senior Member
Jun 29, 2007
Ewa Beach
You need to give it longer than a week, my battery started to get better after the 4th charge.

Yeah, it does get a little better. I've charged it about 10 times, and I still don't get a full day with my usage. I decided on the gear 2 for the three day battery life and the audio speaker. It's somewhat of an inconvenience to have to look look at the 360 for all notifications and info. Having audio feedback will be very convenient. The camera, phone calling, and IR will be gravy. I will definitely miss Google Now, but I find that SVoice returns 90 percent of the info I need it to. It will just be a relief to know that however I use the Gear 2, it's guaranteed to get me through at least a full day.


Senior Member
Jul 14, 2010
Even my G Watch gets better battery life today than when I first bought it. Practically double it seems. While I never had any charge anxiety, when I first got it it was usually around 25% or so at @ 18 hours running ambient mode + full brightness. Now it's 50%.

Looking at the last swath of posts is it safe to say all of you are turning ambient mode off? Ambient mode is a must for me.


Senior Member
Mar 31, 2011
Even my G Watch gets better battery life today than when I first bought it. Practically double it seems. While I never had any charge anxiety, when I first got it it was usually around 25% or so at @ 18 hours running ambient mode + full brightness. Now it's 50%.

Looking at the last swath of posts is it safe to say all of you are turning ambient mode off? Ambient mode is a must for me.

Agree, having to turn ambient off to ensure getting through the day is a step back for the smartwatch. Had the Gear 1 and Gear 2, biggest frustration was not always having the time showing. Had to rely on motion or touching a button to illuminate the screen. My LG G watch easily gets through the day with the screen always on and heavy usage. Love the Moto 360 for style, especially liked all the pre-release factory representative demonstrations showing it with ambient on. Did not realize that ambient on was not a part of the "will last the day" in Moto's marketing before it was released.

Also have a Qualcomm Toq. No comparison on software, styling, etc..., but the low power mirosol screen and small processor allow me 5 days of continuous use, even wear it at night. The 360 definitely leads the way in style, but manufactures need to find a battery/low power screen solution if they expect the masses to accept it. I am curious if the new iWatch will last a day with always on display. I will continue to be an early adapter to wearable technology, we are still in the beta/1st generation phase of these devices. I think the next 18 months will see rapid improvements/innovations, till then enjoying the 360 with ambient on and sneaking in a charge during the day when I can.


Senior Member
May 4, 2008
My gear live with weather clock using white on black and always on lasts about 40 hours. With the same type of use on Moto 360 with screen off maybe 8-14. But I do notice when I put brightness on auto the screen is dimmed and after a while I'll notice the screen seems brighter than it should be then I go into settings and see that it is no longer on auto but set on a manual level that seems higher than it should be. Maybe this is another reason for poor battery life. As much as I like the 360, and the round screen the poor battery is making the styling of the live not look so bad anymore...


Senior Member
Apr 4, 2013
North Carolina
My initial charge was only about 8 hours of life. Granted I was using it a lot and installing apps. I let it drain until it turned off, then full charge. The second day was considerably better lasting me almost the whole day. I turned it on at 650 and it was good until approx 930 that night. On the third charge I turned it on at 1015a and it lasted until the next day about 11am. I left it on connected to my phone all night. 25 hours is perfectly alright with me.

Today, I turned it on at 7am, and it is currently down to 80% at 940am with pretty strong use including ~45 minutes navigation, a dozen or so texts and a few emails. Also read an article on the browser app.

I don't have a final verdict on battery life yet, but as long as it will last me a day I'm good with charging every night. I don't think its got this dreadful battery life like a lot of the reviews say.


Apr 3, 2012
I picked up my 360 on Friday. After using it for a few days I have no complaints on battery life. Monday I took it off the charger at 8:30am and at 10:30pm it still had 56% left.

I think something important to keep in mind is the target audience for this device. None of the press materials I've seen have shown teens or twenty somethings tweeting and texting away from their wrist. Everything Moto has released has shown adult professional looking people wearing a stylish timepiece.

For me my android is not my work phone. My company provides a phone that is dedicated for work use and therefore the number of notifications destined for my 360 are cut dramatically.

Monday everyone in my office was interested in seeing my 360 and I must have pushed all the demo cards to the watch about 3 times demonstrating to various groups. When I got home from the office i had a couple of short conversations in hangouts that i handled through the watch. Throughout the day I dismissed any notifications that did come in as they came through. I also responded to some mail. I don't think this is heavy usage. I actually admit i'm probably a light user and I think that this is the target demo for the 360.

People who are attached at the hip to their phones and spend the majority of their day tapping away at onscreen keyboards should continue using their phones for that. People like me who only need to interact with the phone from time to time, well we wind up liberated from our phones. i'm pretty sure that I never needed to pick up my phone even once yesterday. I didn't miss any notifications. Everyone that contacted me got a reply and my hands stayed free the whole day. This Moto 360 is awesome!


7 hours off the charger and reporting 84% battery. I'm lovin it! This works out to roughly 43 hours to 0% from 100 at my current usage rate.... Like i said i'm a pretty light user. I'll update later if i can.

Update 2:

11.5 hours and i'm at 73%. Still puts me on track for roughly 42 hours although i'll have it on the charger in the next 3 or 4 hours.

For those that may be interested I'm paired with a Verizon wireless Galaxy Nexus running Shiny Rom 4.4.4 with Fancy Kernel R56
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New member
Oct 10, 2007
anyone notice poor battery life when phone is connected to in-car bluetooth?

I've had my moto360 for a week now, and I'm very satisfied overall. Hearing all the nightmare stories about battery life I was definitely worried, but it's been sufficient so far.

Except under one condition- in the car. I use my phone to stream music to my car audio on my way to work and on trips. The first day I had my moto360, I had to take a 5 hour drive. In that 5 hours, battery dropped about 50%. I was extremely disappointed, and was positive I'd be returning it. However, I noticed that once I got to my destination, battery life became much better.

I tested it again on my 40ish minute drive to work. My battery was down 11% in 40 minutes- again, unacceptable. The next day, I decided to switch my moto360 to airplane mode on the drive in. That same 40 minute trip to work only dropped the battery about 3-4% ! Overall the battery did great- taking the watch off the charger around 7:30 am, receiving many email notifications and text messages throughout my work day, as well as playing around with it a bit left me with about 20% battery when going to bed at midnight. Pretty good for my needs and usage case.

So my question is this- anyone else experiencing poor battery life while their phone is connected to in-car bluetooth, but great battery life otherwise?
If so, is this something that a future firmware update could potentially fix, or is it a hardware issue? Is this something that the affects other android wear watches? I don't mind manually changing my watch to airplane mode for a bit until a software update fixes it, but it will be pretty annoying to have to do it EVERY.SINGLE.TIME I get in the car until the end of time.


Apr 3, 2012
liquid6908;55483984Except under one condition- in the car. I use my phone to stream music to my car audio on my way to work and on trips. The first day I had my moto360 said:
This actually has me worried. I do spend a good amount of time in my car, generally on weekends. Only one of my cars has bluetooth but that car is also the one i'm most likely to be listening to music in.

The first thing that popped into mind was that perhaps the radio is not BT LE compatible and it's causing the whole chain (watch, phone, radio) to default to a full power mode. I do not know enough about the BT standard to be in any way certain of this. Just guessing really.


Senior Member
Nov 2, 2010
I just had an observation about battery life and watch faces. Watch faces that do not animate every second or do not have a second hand seems to drain the battery far less than the ones that do. Watch faces that have smooth second animations like Modern Classic seems to drain the battery significantly more. Here are my estimated battery life based on drain rates:

Standard watch face with second hand: ~24 hours

Digital watch face without seconds: ~32 hours

Modern Classics watchface with smooth second hand animation: ~14 hours

Just wanted to share my observations and see if any of you had similar experiences.


Senior Member
Feb 27, 2012
FYI, if you wear the watch while driving it'll drain the battery faster as the screen tends to come on when you're steering. It keep thinking you're looking at your watch when you steer.

I drive a stick and I notice the same thing (I don't drive with my right hand on the wheel (left handed)). Another annoying thing I found out is the navigation sends updates to the watch even if the phone screen is on! This is unacceptable. I don't want a vibration and screen to light up for every turn and change that is made by the GPS. It completely killed my watch.

I think the more active you are the more it kills it... I was using a sander and doing all kinds of manual work refinishing some wood and my watch was draining super quickly. I took it off and it was still paired with my phone... the battery hardly went down at all. I'm betting it's a combination of the steps and heart rate kicking off. The sander was driving up my steps like crazy and I bet my watch thought it needed to measure my heart rate constantly because it thought I was working out.

As an update I have experienced much better battery life after my first day (5 hours) and the software update. It took about 2 days for the update to come in but I am getting between 12 hours to 15 hours with ambient mode on. I switched it to off today along with turning brightness down to 1 and see what kind of results I get. Hoping it can at least last me from 8:00 AM to midnight... or 3AM if possible for the weekends :)

Ordering a Qi pad for work so I don't have to worry about it dieing on me...

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    Well it's been off charger since midnight, put on my wrist about 745am. Going to run it to dead today and post results. My GF and I are fighting right now, so she's texting the crap out of me, so we'll see.
    Can you thanks her for being part of your heavy usage moto360 battery test?
    The battery does get better progressively and all tech sites definitely jumped the gun on battery life. It's day 5 for me and this charge cycle is going strong! Took it off at 6:30 am on Saturday, September 13th, and right now it is 2:20 pm on Sunday September 14th and i have 15% left. That's 10 minutes shy of 32 hours with charge still left! Used for numerous text messages via hangouts, fb messenger, and a couple emails. This is definitely waaaay better than what i expected out of a 320 mAh battery!
    The verge said that it last only 12Hrs, less if heavy used.
    WSJ said it has to be charged twice a day.

    Root cause of the bad battery life might be the fact that it uses a discontinued TI processor, the fact that Android Wear is having on resources and that it has only 320mah, for reference thr LG G watch has 400mah.

    Suddenly I don't want it anymore. My Gear fit last from 3 to 5 days depending on usage.

    All of these 12 hour claims are coming from a single source whom I bet botched the testing process by using it non-stop. I mean how are they just now releasing a review of the device on the same day it came out already knowing what the battery life is? Did Moto give one to The Verge to trial for a week so they would have a review ready and waiting that completely contradicts moto's own claims of battery life? Seems to me like some jackass just averaged out the current rate of drain and said "welp, if it uses 10% 1 hour then that means it gets about 10 hours !!"

    Cmon, moto promised it would get up to 2 days. My G watch lasts about 20 hours under heavy use and it has a more battery hungry LCD display and the screen is ALWAYS ON. I simply refuse to believe that the 360 gets 12 hours under NORMAL conditions. I dont even think moto would release something like this, and I'm not one of those idiots saying a smartwatch needs to last an entire month without a charge. I think charging every night is acceptable, but it has to last an ENTIRE day, up to 24 hours preferably.

    I await the REAL WORLD reviews on this forum, thanks for your input.

    ---------- Post added at 11:07 PM ---------- Previous post was at 11:06 PM ----------

    I've found that you can't turn off the wrist lift screen on feature. That causes batt drain. The pedometer is on and can't turn off either.

    Can you set it so the screen is always ON? My G watch never turns off, it just dims when not in use. I like this so I can glance at it without having to flick my wrist and rely on the 50% chance it actually wakes up.
    Phil Nickinson (Android Central)
    Shared publicly - Yesterday 5:29 PM

    And by the way, I've gone 9 hours so far today and am just now hitting 50 percent. I've heard rumblings about twice-daily charging or something — don't even know the source; I haven't bothered looking — and I'm not yet seeing anything nearly that alarming.

    Hmmm... just to point out that for the most part, these reviewers or journalists like theverge site will have been actively using the watch more than most people will in the day as they are reviewing it. I would be very surprised if 12 hours is the max you'll get out of it.

    Give it a couple of days to get over actually having it and using it, then you'll start to treat it like just a watch and stop fiddling with it every 5 mins, then you'll probably see battery life improve.

    Just speculation... ;)