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D0n Quix0te

Sep 13, 2016
My battery life is on par with iPhone 13 Pro Max, its insane, but there is a catch;

A: I turn off smooth display
B: I dont use always on display

Try it like this and its battery life will blow you away, easy 1.5 days battery life.
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D0n Quix0te

Sep 13, 2016
Proof or everything you said is false 😛
Check out this screenshot. I had fully charged it at 11am on Saturday, although its not visible right now as it has disappeared with time flow. Its sunday 3:48pm and the charge is 28%. you can see i havent charged it in between.



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Feb 4, 2017
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Aug 20, 2012
Every phones with all settings disabled can catch up with the iPhone 13 max but the point is the phone is unusable with everything turned off :)

The iphones after model 11 turn off all settings that are not used at the moment. Using hotspot with screen off on the iphone 13 pro, for example, is impossible..

I am using a 13pro for a couple months now and the os reminds me of the old miui days when every service/activity was aggressively killed in the backgorund

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    I'm absolutely blown away. Every morning I have a routine where I go outside and have my coffee and chain smoke a few darts, read the news, look at memes and such and typically I'm using it about an hour and on my S21+ or Z Fold 3 I'd always be down to 93 or 94%. Today was no different and I was still at 100 after doing so. I then went to work and used Android auto so it stayed full until about 830 am when I took it off the charger. It's 745 pm and I'm at 80% with just a bit over 4 hrs sot. Didn't tweak any settings whatsoever to try and save battery.
    I asked because it depends on who you're going by.
    The 6 Pro isn't as terrible as Tom's Guide with a 8h 48m and the S21 Ultra and 9 Pro aren't as amazing with 9h 28m and 9h 15m respectively. Yes it's below them but I wouldn't say that's poor. The iPhone 13 Pro Max is still in a tier above everyone else still getting 12h 6m.
    I don't think that anyone with a functioning brain stem calls the Pixel 6 Pros battery life terrible.

    It's a phone advertised as a 1-day-battery-life giver and thats exactly what it offers, it survives a full day with ~5-9 hours of SoT (depends heavily on usage).

    The P6 Pros problem lies outside Googles own sphere. It simply sucks in comparison to other brands that offer a longer battery life with their flagships. But that still doesn't make Googles offer terrible, it just loses the comparison.

    Personally, I'm disappointed by the fact that Tensor uses 2 year old cores and those could have easily improved the SoT by an hour or two if Google would have changed them out, plus the panel is an older one that is not quite as efficient as other offerings; but I guess we'll have to wait until next year to get a more efficient processor.

    It should also be noted, of course, that this is Googles first attempt at creating something "unique" and considering that AND the fact that the phone can run several background processes without draining the battery life terribly (adaptive sound, Always-on-display, on-device-translate & analysis (LENS), now playing...) AND it doesn't need to kill of most apps in the background ( is your friend here), it's not impressive, but decent. It's a decent battery life experience, and I'm ok with that, but others that expect "muh mega battery ULTRA TENSOR want 4 days usage Google ADs have AWOKEN MY NEED FOR LE FUTURE" will get disappointed.

    Pixels were never battery life kings, and still are not. So of course people that come in here with their battery-life maxing Huawei/Samsung/backgroundkilling champs will voice their disappointment. Even though that's not a "real" problem, it's simply apples vs bananas all over again.

    Always make sure you know what a device can offer and can't before you buy it.

    It also helps the environment, since you don't have to send so much stuff back. But I guess people who buy 2 or 3 phones a year don't care about the environment anyway...
    Finally a positive thread hopefully with real experiences and no trolls.
    I am on the fence about returning the P6P still, now mostly based on battery life. Trying to convince myself that Google will improve it through updates, but it seems unlikely. The iPhone 13 Max seems to last so much longer, that it may make a big difference when traveling or hiking.
    Just return it, youre not going to be happy.
    Final stats at 10% battery ,I have no issues at all with battery ,7.5 SOT is more than even ,deep sleep drain is around 4/5% in 9 hrs ,hope it's stays like this