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Oct 28, 2021
Battery is great once it settles down. Max standby is 2.5day, max SOT is 6hours. My typical use of 2.5hr SOT gave 1 day in the beginning: View attachment 5469923
, and after 2 weeks and limiting battery to 85%, it now gives 1.5 day:
View attachment 5469925
Root, 96Hz, permanent BT watches, pushbullet, kdeconnect, VPN, AOD, wakelocks and effects on. Lil car charger bump there, but to me it's on par with previous Note20Ultra. Except now i can fold™ and the screen is finally scratch-free.
What have you done to help improve? Besides root cause my model is Canadian and i can't. I'd love to get back to a good battery life when I had A11.


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What have you done to help improve? Besides root cause my model is Canadian and i can't. I'd love to get back to a good battery life when I had A11.
Besides root:
- i don't use crapps like facebook, instagram and other permasnitching solutions
- AppOps can limit various activities (like scanning for devices) of crapps w/out root.
- DataSaver on, only give exception to few apps that can connect in the background
- shopping apps like Aliexpress have also background activity off (they're super agressive, they can have exceptions by the manufacturers, they keep changing notification bar icons to keep your attention, they avoid a lot of settings)
- AdGuard can completely cut off internet for some apps when screen is off
- disable auto start of any app that doesn't need to run immediatelly but only on demand (3c all in one toolbox)
I definitely put the apps in their place. And i still run stuff like location tracking, permanent connection to PC and watches, AOD etc. The problem is APPS.

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    My second full charge stats for those interested.

    Screenshot_20210822-091417_Device care.jpg
    @EVOme, the battery will get better when it will finish learning your usage patterns. As for the camera, I agree with you, but you bought this for other reasons. It's a flip phone with a big display that folds in half. 😃 They cut corners to bring the price down. Maybe in 2 years we will have a folding phone with great cameras and a lower price, who knows?
    the only thing that did it for me was turning off 120hz refresh rate. sticking with 60hz visually hurts but it improves battery life a lot. it is now capable of getting me through the whole day easily and lasting around 24hrs. SOT is around 3 hours.
    This thread is scarring me. My phone will be here on Weds. I am currently using a 12 Pro Max. I have a feeling I will be hating life with the Flip.
    Battery is not pro max level, but it's ok. After one week I get 24h with 4-5h sot. I'm ok with that, considering what this phone is. I sold my S21Ultra that had almost double the battery life and much better cameras, but I'm still happy with the flip. This phone is amazing.