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There are alll the tweaks and debloating list on this site:

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Mar 9, 2011
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Aug 26, 2022
Can I somehow setup things like that:

"auto brightness but -15% than normal"
"cpu power like power saving mode but with adaptive refresh rate instead of 60hz"



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    There are alll the tweaks and debloating list on this site:

    Follow this is it
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    I uninstalled Facebook 3 years ago. My battery life improved dramatically.
    Can you provide the differences between using Alliance Shield X and ADB uninstall? Is one easier than the other and is disabling using Alliance the same as removing it in ADB when it comes to battery life?
    Alliance Shield X allows you to disable apps, but they still remain on phone and take up space.

    ADB uninstall allows you to completely remove the apps off the phone, which in turn saves space.

    That's my basic understanding of it. However, Alliance Shield X has other features too. Forexample, i use one to prevent apps access to the internet via wifi or mobile data, or both.

    I think removing it would help prevent it from loading, hence save some battery, i suppose. Maybe free up ram too.

    Someone else would probably be better at explaining it, than me.

    ADB install is easy to do, once you've set it up. I'm sure there's many guides on XDA somewhere.

    The other thing about disabling it, than removing it straight away, is that you can see if that disabled app causes any adverse reactions. You can simply re-enable it again, if that is the case. However when you remove completely, it'll be extra work, if possible to get it up and running again.

    Hope any of that made sense lol.
    My Phone runs actually 2Days and 1hour without Charge. I have 7% remaining and 6h 5 Minutes SOT.
    I Use energysaver mode(always on+bluetooth+wlan is non stop on) and all apps in deepsleep that i dont need

    For me it´s good so far^^
    My best one ever!

    Very happy :) Exynos!