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I'm currently on 3 hours SOT, 80% remaining. Wqhd +120hz. Usage is mostly YouTube, Samsung internet & some Snapchat. This is on light mode although I have to say I really don't see much difference with light mode & standard mode .

My question is how much do you guys lose overnight on standby? I did a little test few days ago, I left the phone on standby for 20 hours (WiFi data Bluetooth everything off) and it lost 4%. On a average night (8-10hours with everything off) it loses 2%. Is this what you guys are getting too?

Im so used to losing 0% on standby with my rog phone 6 🤣 so wanted to know if 2% loss over 10 hours is nornal?

Btw I know my 3 hours sot with 80% remaing with wqhd and 120hz is very good, but I've tweaked the phone to achieve this. Put certain apps on sleep & did some debloating with ADB commands. Oh yeah, just FYI, Google chrome latest update seems to be eating battery life more than before (same thing happening on my rog phone 6) so I've disabled chrome on s23 ultra & am using the Samsung internet


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I'm not expecting battery life to be much better than the s22U Snapdragon. The battery is the same. The Snapdragon Gen 2 might be more energy efficient but they also overclocked it. Then they are saying stuff like the Ultra is the new King of Gaming phones with ray tracing and all that yadda yadda blah blah stuff. That all requires a lot of power which will put a strain on the battery. But who knows? If I am wrong and battery life is better with an overclocked chip then I will be pleasantly surprised and delighted. 😏
It will be quite a bit better. This screen alone will knock 25% off battery sucky sucky.


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Jul 6, 2008
With my 23u 120hz wqhd, some apps sleeping, some 5G, some wifi, some prime video while going to work at the bus etc, i mostly use phone for reading and i got 4h SOT from 85% to 30% of battery. It is very close what i was have with my s10+ but on that phone i was go from 100% to 30%.
Nothing spectacular but ok.

I have notice that when i take the phone form charger it is very quickly go from 85% to 80% just like in minutes, than it slow down and get fast again from 40% to 30%....


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    Early tests show the batterylife is similar to 14 pro max. That's a very good news.
    So far it is quite good. I am coming from a 3 year old Onplus 8 Pro, so my expectations are not that high :)

    When i got to 10% I was at 7 hours of screen on and 27 hours in total.

    So I got it on the 2nd in the afternoon, charged it to 100% at 17 o'clock and used it a lot to set it up and it was at 10% 27 hours later. It is still learning my usage. Droped 3% on standby during the night for like 7-8 hours.

    Camera eats up battery as expected, played with RAW in Lightroom too and it did drain, but it was quite fun adjusting the picture with the S Pen :)

    Charged it yesterday evening, 12 and a half hours later, with 1 hour of screen on time, it is at 90%. I am quite happy with battery life so far. I have not tried the battery saving options for now.
    Screenshot_20230203_151447_ReVanced Extended.jpg
    Thats one of the 2 reasons im upgrading, binning rhe exynos and prayi g for better battery.
    Early indications are that it matches the iPhone 14 Pro Max for battery life.
    Galaxy S23 Ultra battery life