Battery problem ? Bootloop when battery unplugged, flash LED when plugged, fastboot ok

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Dec 27, 2021
Hello everybody,

I have a problem with my Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite (with bootloader unlocked but stock ROM) : I changed the screen and digitizer, the phone being okay after a repair and working for a few days. Then it stopped turning on when I press power button (the screen does not turn on). When I plug charger I have the white LED flashing but nothing (even after hours of charging with different chargers and USB cables). I can not go to fastboot by pressing power button down.
I disconnected the battery, the phone starts when plugged into charger but bootloops (with "Your device software can not be checked" and the fixed "android one unlocked" screen). When I replug battery in the bootloop stops and we get back to the black screen/flashing LED state.
I can go to fastboot mode when pressing volume down with battery disconnected, I tried flash_all from the official daisy_images package with no success. I also tried to fastboot boot to TWRP but I get a black screen (with bootloop if battery is unplugged).
I also tried QDL flashing of the official ROM using the guide on the forum, no success either.
I tried swapping the battery for a new one, still doesn't work.
When I dump fastboot vars I have amongst other "battery-soc-ok: no" (with and without battery plugged) and a reported battery voltage of 1000 with battery, 0 without.

I measured (with a voltmeter) the voltage between + and - pins of the battery I have 4.13V.

Would you have any idea of something to try ?

Thank you for your help,
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Nov 3, 2018
any updates on this?, my unit is stock no reimage or what not but while charging one time it wouldnt turn on white LED flashing also but no display, so i let be , then after awhile i discovered it wont boot up, after several times trying ,i got to boot but went to be stuck on "android one unlocked" screen, i tried draining the battery same results , wtf is wrong with this phone now it works perfectly for the past 3-4 years