Battery problems after 8 years... :(

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Nov 21, 2020
Hi all Tab4 fans,

our old semi-bricks now celebrate their 8th birthday... And we like them because of their cuteness, reliability, our old relationship and faith in never-ending loyalty.
I think it was not much longer than 2 years ago that I gave it a virtual rebirth by switching to LOS 17.1

At the same time, I replaced the battery by a new one from the _bay which claimed to be "Samsung", where this may at well have been a chinese "Sansumg original" piece...
The old battery switched between 70, 15, 45 off... and other remaining capacities within a few minutes.
The new one was better again. :cowboy:
But not for long, since 3 or 4 months my milletlte's battery problems have a revival...
I now have 2 decisions, you may already suppose my dark options:
buy another "new" battery" somewhere at least for 20 Euros (plus), or say "thank you and goodbye" to this best friend of mine?
And my milletlte really was and is an incredible device. Actually, 8-inch Tabs are rare... it isn't 7, not 10, not 12 inch - it is 8 inch, that is perfect.
In future, if technological progress steps forward (?), maybe there will be smartphones available in this 8-inch range! but not today... "unfortunately"

Maybe there is someone who can reliably advice which replacement battery trick might help my old companion's relationship to keep alive? Good seller/products, battery maintenance?

Sad greetings.


Nov 21, 2020
I send may Millet LTE, Galaxy Tab 4 8.0 LTE to retirement.
"goodbye and thank you for the fish"
I replaced the battery and made a final clean install of LOS 17.1 (matteo0026), but no success.
It is already the 2nd replacement, the last one made it some days longer than 2 years.
Battery drains in few hours (~20h) where the battery drain curve is constant and linear, the device switches off suddenly at ~55%, but when i switch on after some hours the battery drain curve shows the derating has continued permanently, draining also when shutoff. Strange. Brandnew battery from the *bay. 20 Euros.
It is useless for me.
It did a good job and proved that old devices with new LOS are basically sufficient, but now it will rest in peace!
I Lineageos-sed another old Huawei MediaPad T2 Pro 10.0 some months ago and I hope it will be a good nephew, but 8 inch versus 10 inch proved to be the perfect size, 8 inches which will only soon be on the market if regular smartphones continue their trend of getting bigger and bigger...🙃