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Question Battery realme gt 5g

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New member
Dec 2, 2021
Hello everyone...

I buy this phone like new, something like 3 day ago but Im surprise about how the battery is drained fast...

I try to use accubattery (it say My battery is at 47 % of his life... I try with antutu test and it say 92 %... But i really not feel good and i use something like too much battery in My day during work and lunch)... Really like an 3ys old phone... Oke snap888 but... In confused... Ideas?


Sep 20, 2012
Unfortunately the battery drain on this phone sucks big time. Maybe it is a snapdragon 888 thing. But the battery consumption is always very high.


New member
Dec 30, 2021
i found a solution, if i set 5g or 4g battery goes down very quickly, if i set 3g battery lasts for a very long time, i saw an increment of 2-3 hours with active display using youtube bluetooth and spotify constantly. yesterday with 3 g i stressed the phone with hotspot + youtube on my smart tv. 18:00 pm i had 100%, at midnight i was at 40%.