BatteryStatus-Plugin, DeviceLock and Overclock for XDA Neo

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Oct 26, 2005
HomeScreen PlusPlus UI - Plugin

This is HomeScreen ++ UI Edition:

it's a fully customizeable today-plugin, which shows the remaining batteryload of the main battery... In addition to that, it can invoke the DeviceLock on wakeup of the device and overclock the omap cpu to a customizeable cpuclock.

WARNING. Use the latter one at your own risk ! It CAN damage your device !


The project site is HomeScreen PlusPlus
and you can download it with this link -> HomeScreen PlusPlus Download

If you have a problem with BatteryStatus then the community can help you in case you supply your settings by:
- Export your settings by options->Advanced->Save/Export
- check the reg-file and remove your personal data
- attach the reg-file to your report


You want to spend me a pint?

First of all: Feel free to use HomeScreen PlusPlus free of charge ! If you like HomeScreen++UI, you can make a donation to buy me a beer or two through PayPal by using the button below. Just pay whatever you think is reasonable.
--> donations

CallLogs preview -04/07/2008:

- extract CallLogs from zip-archive
- Copy CallLogs.exe to the same directory as BSCallTimes.xml
- start CallLogs.exe

Beta-Testing of advanced version - RC2

Customization of HomeScreen++UI Edition
-> Manual for customizing and creating a theme

--> Thread for Themes (Collection of themes) and Questions about making themes !!!

Examples for xml-customization -> Project-Examples

Version 1.06 - build 0349 - 03/02/2009:

- added: command-sequence for command-queue seperate by a ‘;’, e.g. 1;1;1
- added: increase priority of gestures for last/first view of a row (only if animate > 100) to animate left-to-right if it’s the first view of a row or right-to-left if it’s the last view of a row

- fixed: changing of language-translation for "Remain:"
- fixed: taskmanager for WVGA

- fixed: selection of Items
- fixed: crash while theme reloading (UPDATE HIGHLY RECOMMENDED)

- fixed: relative path for StartApp

- added: allow arbitrary string-size for registry-tracker
- changed: allow length of operator name up to 20
- added: for class="start_app", allow relative paths for loading icons
- added: order="1" (attribute for View-Tags, 0 = left to right, 1 = right to left)
to use right-to-left (order="1") check-order for finding the best matching Item on tap-action.
order="0" is default
order="1" allows the following item-placements:


- added: switching up to 5 Views simultaneously (using index/index_1/../index_5 respectively subindex)
- added: ontap="Message" (Send a message to a window),
param: path-attribute has the windows' class name
param: title-attribute has the windows' title (Optional)
param: msg-attribute has the numeric window message
param: index-attribute has the numeric wParam
param: subindex-attribute has the numeric lParam (Optional)

e.g. ontap="Message" path="HHTaskBar" msg="1156" index="2" (Send msg=1156 to Taskbar-Window with wParam=2 - Set Vibra Mode)
ontap="Message" path="HHTaskBar" msg="1156" index="0" (Set Normal Sound Mode)
ontap="Message" path="HHTaskBar" msg="1156" index="3" (Set Silent Mode)

- changed: do nothing on tap of empty area (area with no Item beneath)
- added: actiontype for SoftReset ( ontap="SoftReset" )
- added: top/down-gesture
- added: round incoming calltimes in options
- added: Language-IDs 1603 (Outgoing), 1604 (Incoming) for "Round CallTimes" (HSLanguage Updated)
- added: log missed calls to CallTimes.xml
- removed: default startapp of mobile operator (starting of commanager)
- fixed: Allow up to 255 Views and up to 255 Rows
- fixed: Update Region for selmode="x"
- added: attribute (in View-Tag) for extending "Reach"/"UpdateRegion" of a View, e.g. extend="6" for 6 pixels.
This is particularly for sliding Views that have Items which are oversized if selected,
that is they overlap with adjacent Views.
Don't extend a View if it's not needed, because it could reduce render performance

- added: gesture-attribute (can be 0 or 1) for Window/Row/View-Tags
- added: AppToDate-support (

- changed: animatebg="0xFF000000" for using todayscreen-background
- added: actiontype for toggling flight mode, ontap="ToggleFlight"
- added: animatebg-attribute for background color (BGR-Format) of animation, e.g. <Window ... animatebg="0x000000"...>

- added: first working version of View-Switching for up to 3 Views, View0 (index/subindex), View1 (index_1/subindex_1), View2 (index_2/subindex_2)
--> e.g. <Item .. ontap="View" index="0" subindex="1" index_1="1" subindex_1="1" index_2="2" subindex_2="1" >
- added: actiontype for "Do Nothing", ontap="DoN" or ontap="DoNothing"

- added: registry-value DWORD TempMultiply; e.g. 1100 results in multiply with 1.1

- changed: Name of Plugin changed to "HomeScreen PlusPlus UI"

- added: awareness of unicode-sms

- changed: DWORD TaskBarBattery under BS-RegistryKey for showing Batterylevel instead of CpuSpeed

- added: data-counter support for HTC Diamond

- recommended editor: Komodo Edit

Updated AppLauncher.exe to use sliding --> AppLauncher.exe

--> (XML) Example for AppLauncher.xml

- added: for TaskManager of BS - DWORD CloseButtonWidth ( create this registry-value and set it to 60 will span the [x]-button over the clock for a finger friendly handling )

BS Reloader by Lastnikita:

For theme-makers to download their themes and reload the theme
--> Explanation
--> Download
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Aug 9, 2005
i have an ut starcom x-v6700 and it orks great. thank you . the only issue i had was when i installed it my backlifght immeditely goes out and i have to go to settings to make the backlight meter at 100%. also i dont think it matters much but the only theing that shows up on the line is the battery icon not the mhz. Thanks again


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Oct 26, 2005
BatteryStatus Today-Plugin for XDA Neo

Thanks a lot !

i think your device has Intel's PXA 270 XScale processor build in. The overclocking features of BatteryStatus only affect the hardware registers of texas instruments's omap850 processor.
But its a good idea to show the cpu-speed of any cpu...
Wait for the next release ...

[Update] See version 0.02.200 - added always show cpu speed - testing state


Aug 19, 2005
works great on a Dopod 818 Pro!

what's the little \/ arrow to the left of the battery meter in the taskbar btw? :) (would be great if it was task manager :p)


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Mar 9, 2005
Perfect plugin. But when i turn of the battery in options the hole plugin is not shown on my homescreen. And couldt you please make an option that shows the mobile operator instat of battery load. that wouldt be realy cool.


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Oct 26, 2005
yes, the plugin should disappear when the batteryload is unchecked. (Its not a bug, ) Its a feature, because its a batterystatus-plugin by design :D

If enough users report the current options to be stable, i can add more features. The mobile operator is a good idea for the next releases.


Apr 15, 2006
Near apocalypse!

Oh man! I nearly killed my phone and I don't know why!

I installed your plug-in only cause I liked the battery status thingy. I've never overclocked my Prophet so far because I never needed it. So while I was looking through the options for your program I thought I'd just overclock it once to see the improvements. So I set the speed to 221 MHz and BAMM!

The screen had all kinds of strange colors that where not supposed to be there. I mean, the contents on the screen were visible but there were some red lines and some shorter green lines and some black dots and I don't know what everywhere. Right then I knew I was in trouble! I tried to go back to the options menu of your program but couldn't. I wasn't even able to get to the options of the today screen since only MSN Messenger was displayed on the "Personal settings" screen. Damn Microsoft, everything breaks apart but I can still use their messenger which nobody wants!

Anyway, after a soft reset my Prophet just froze. After the next soft reset it worked again but I still couldn't use it in any normal way. I read through your instructions on your page (a thing which I maybe should have done earlier) and wanted to put a "dontoverclock.txt" file on my SD Card. Only problem: the SD Card inside the phone wasn't accessible, neither through the phone itself nor through my laptop. So eventually I took a digital camera, put my SD card in it and the file on the SD Card. The phone still didn't work though. I cursed myself and thought of all things lost should I have to hard reset the damn thing while I kept on doing soft resets. Well, suddenly it worked again, the clock speed is back to normal and all is fine.

But still. Isn't this strange? I thought almost everybody's Prophet still acts normal at 240 - 260 MHz while mine pretty much collapsed at 221 MHz. By the way, I don't blame YOU or your program for any of this.

From now on my Prophet stays the way it is. It obviously doesn't want to be changed and personally I understand that!


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Oct 26, 2005
so first of all, thanks for your feedback. Any feedback is welcome :)

Your report is a better warning than my bold written lines hehe

The behaviour of your device is really strange. Anyone have had the same experience ?
I tried your steps and couldn't observe what you've described.

Did you checked "Set clock on wakeup" ? This should not be done at first time. Not at all.

Again: If you use the OMAP-Features, be careful with overclocking ! It CAN damage your device !
Following steps are important:
1) rtfm
2) Prepare a SD-Card for emergency case
3) try the options (careful)
You can try with OmapClock.exe prior to use the omap-features. (OmapClock.exe calculates with a Clock-Ref of 12MHz and BatteryStatus calculates with a Clock-Ref of 13MHz. This explains the difference.)

I think your device dont like to be overclocked, thus it would be a great help to post some of your devices details (ROM-Image, Branding ?, special software?, when did you buy it?, Do you use o2-homezone? i dont.).
This gives other readers to compare and think about before overclocking.

Nevertheless, i removed the cpuclocks not useful for XDA Neo and added the mobile operator name in V. 0.02.300.

There is a new version 0.02.300 !


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Mar 9, 2005
I found a new bug. on my xda neo the alarm sounds such as sms or incomming email are not played reguarly when the loch device on wakeup obtion is enabeled. they are just played very short. after disabeling and softreset it work normaly


Apr 15, 2006
Thank you for this plugin

Thank you for your time and effort with this plugin.
Just installed on my M600 Prophet and running well and stable at 260 Mhz.
Will add to the forum if any problems arise but as i say running very well at the moment.


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Oct 26, 2005
sebi112 said:
I found a new bug. on my xda neo the alarm sounds such as sms or incomming email are not played reguarly when the loch device on wakeup obtion is enabeled. they are just played very short. after disabeling and softreset it work normaly

I can't reproduce this issue. Are the ringtones on the SD-Card or in mainmemory ?


Apr 15, 2006
Hey man, sorry I was away and couldn't reply earlier.

Anyway, as I said, I did not read your warnings very attentively prior to overclocking my Prophet. So, yes, I did check "Set clock on wakeup". That was probably stupid.

The information for my device:
ROM-Version: GER
Radio: 02.19.21

I got the phone in May, it is O2 branded, but I installed nothing of the Extended ROM. I don't use the home zone app. As a matter of fact I don't use any plug-ins (except yours) and the system is generally held slim. That's also why I never needed overclocking. Everything's running smoothly!

As I said, once overclocked my Prophet started acting weird which I totally didn't expect at 221 MHz. I got everything back to normal, so no problems anymore!

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    Good luck with the exams, although after seeing your skills with this project, i'm sure you will pass with flying colours ;)
    thanks a lot :D
    I hope i will make it, but i'm always being nervous in exams...

    Your program work very good with me,but it can't auto scale the speed and can't change about LCD. It's good if you can add more option like those in your program :)
    okay... there are a lot of interesting suggestions for further additions, so lets see what comes next.

    btw. are there any htc hermes (xda trion) users using BatteryStatus (beside the one i have email-contact with) and having issues?
    Also getting probs trying to download from website. Anywhere else I can get this?!

    Wisbar Desktop And Batterystatus

    when i use WISBAR DESKTOP it actually shows BATTERYSTATUS with correct data on meters, but every time i try to configure it, - a message that batterystatus disabled appears.... is it actually overclocking my processor while in wisbar desktop mode??
    did you do that as mentioned directly after the title (first page):
    - Copy CallLogs.exe to the same directory as BSCallTimes.xml

    if yes, then i guess your xml-file is corrupt. The last 3 users having a corrupt xml-file tried to keep a big flat file by renaming and merging the xml-files. You should do that only if you know when an xml-file is well-formed.

    Does that help?

    I deleted the xml-file and now with a new one I can see the call logs of this period ... another question: Is it possible to see the call logs of a previous period? How? I notice the xml-files are backuped with the date appended to its name. How can I read this files? Thanks.