Battle of the Web Browser - Is Dolphin Unbeatable?

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Sep 27, 2011
OK but I am saying that you are using crap. Dolphin is crap because of privacy issues.

Spying also wastes battery power, bandwidth, and CPU cycles.

You do realise that Chrome/whichever browser you are using is collecting all of your data as well?
Its not as though this is a Dolphin specific problem.


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Oct 28, 2011
Redwood City, California
You do realise that Chrome/whichever browser you are using is collecting all of your data as well?
Its not as though this is a Dolphin specific problem.

I know the problem is not a Dolphin-specific issue. Dolphin / Boat / Next Browser / UC / Maxthon / One Browser / and others are garbage. Just check out the privilege requirements.

You are wrong that the browser I am using is collecting my data. My browser collects absolutely no data, it never has, and it never will.


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Apr 28, 2012
I just started using habit browser today and it seems awesome. I have been a dolphin user for 2 years now but this one seems a lot faster in loading pages and managing them with gesture controls. I liked dolphin but this one seems way superior in terms of speed and access.

Yet to see if it supports numerous add ons like night mode etc in dolphin. Might stick to it after trying if it feels right.,

I found 2 of em on play store and installed the 1st one below. Can somebody explain the diff?


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Nov 9, 2008
Im using a modded version of Quick ICS Browser v. 1.1.8 and I like it a lot,its same like the stock but all the options are available on the quick controls including Exit and its also customizable.


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Oct 8, 2011
chrome was just updated with a data compression feature to save data volume ( enable it in settings)
It is like opera mini compressing stuff serverside.


Jan 9, 2014
Chrome is no way near to being perfect,dolphin is way better than chrome
I myself use(prefer) opera mini,it's really fast,believe me,i only have 100 mb internet data(no wifi at home:( )gprs speed,but 80 % of the pages load within 5 seconds
One of the con of OM is the lack of flash otherwise its highly recommended when in a no wifi zone

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Jan 18, 2014
I have tried out a couple of browsers, and I really like the changes Google have made to Chrome. It's way more usable and has been stable so far on 4.4.2


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Dec 8, 2010
Mexico city
This week I decided to try another browser since I have had Boat browser for a year (one of the best simple, ultra smooth and fast I ever tried).

I tried Firefox, Chrome Beta, Next browser, UC browser, Dolphin. All of them are pretty good browsers and was too hard to choose one. I think it doesn't gonna help anybody because it depends which kind of features are you interested and what they offer to you.

I present my personal results in order:

Best for plugins: Firefox, Dolphin, UC browser, Nextbrowser, Chrome beta, Boat browser

Best speed: Boat browser, Next browser, UC browser, Dolphin, Chrome beta, Firefox

Best interface: Next browser, UC Browser, Dolphin, Boat browser, Firefox, Chrome beta

Best performance: Chrome beta, Boat browser, Next browser, Dolphin, UC browser, Firefox

Useful integrated tools: UC browser, Boat browser, Dolphin, Next browser, Firefox, Chrome beta

As I said all of them are very good in anything but I finally chose Next browser for a while because interface, tools and a simple pack of plugins are all that I need for now (I only miss the gestures u_u it doesn't have this feature for now).
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Nov 1, 2010
I've been using "browser" by digital cookies. Its a stock AOSP browser and works well. I don't think there are privacy concerns with it, maybe an expert can chime in. Its small, fast, has incognito, flash etc.

One thing I like about it, having an HTC, is that it nullifies the htclinkify that was a product of the apple lawsuit. So when I click on a YouTube link it opens in the app instead of the browser like the stock. All in all pleased.

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    OH LOOK! Another unrelated repeated thread!

    It's the Battle series bro, don't denigrate, participate;)
    These threads feel like it's a question in disguise so the OP can find out which is the best without getting flamed. Same with the Launcher thread and the Rom thread.
    We've just had a huge browser discussion, I suggest you look in there for your answers. I believe it was the stock browser that won.

    Yes because I really need to find out which one is best.:p It never occur to you that XDA is a forum and a forum is there to share information and discuss. If you don't want to participate don't, But be careful, if you do, you might learn something.;)
    Web browsers are the most important part of any smartphone. A normal human with a smartphone spends most of time in the internet today than using the rest of the applications. Dolphin is highly rated and constantly in the top 3 of all review websites. Does this means Dolphin is the best Android has to offer? Which browser are you using? Which one is the fastest, the nicest UI, have the most features? Share with us your experience on..

    The Battle Of The Web Browser!

    Dolphin Browser

    Dolphin browser is one of the minimal theme browser which has become a favorite. Its gesture based web surfing makes browsing fast and easy. Make gestures and the browser understands which page to render. It also has voice based web searching feature. Some of the important features which makes this browser different from the rest are: Webzine (Fast Web page loading, with no ads), Speed dial, sidebars and interesting add-ons.


    -----------Google Chrome---------------------------Opera Mobile--------------------------------Maxthon ----------------------------------UC Browser----------------------

    This is a list of 5 of the best Android web browsers of 2013. If you think there are some best browsers which should have been listed in this list then feel free to leave your suggestions below.

    Pictures and original article from Fazle Rahman • January 11, 2013
    OH LOOK! Another unrelated repeated thread!
    You guys should try Firefox beta, seriously.

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