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Bell Optimus 4G LTE Adventures

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Aug 7, 2008
Milky Way
true keenz, searching does not *always* come up with the answers they are searching for, but the Optimus 4G LTE, hence the P930's in general are covered in that thread as stating they do cover 3G, the question was "will i get 3g on lg optimus lte from bell?" which should be redirected to that thread as this thread has been answered already and does not cover his question, hence a cross-post that should be sent to that thread, which i did.

I did the right thing by directing him to the thread best suited to his question.

this is not that thread.

To expand on the answer:

the Bell Optimus LTE P930 covers only the WCDMA/HSPA/UMTS: 850/1900/2100 MHz and LTE: 1700/700 MHz bands (as per their website). Bell offers WCDMA/HSDPA/HSUPA service and an H+ indicator will denote you are on a H+ network or LTE (pronounced "Lite" for the Long Term Evolution) network indicator for the WCDMA 4G LTE Network. The P930 phones primarily use the 4G/LTE network, of which 4G HSDPA covers most metropolitan areas of North America. unofficially, i have driven from my home to Ottawa and the "H+" indicator disappears which means I am on the Bell UMTS 3G network. Bell's legacy 3G CDMA2000 network is not accessible by the Bell P930 as it does not have a CDMA2000 modem.

Please, do NOT confuse 3G for the GSM frequencies as that is known as 2G.

See THIS chart for more info.
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Aug 27, 2010
Smithers, BC
Do you by any chance have the baseband image for Bell? Megaupload went tits up, so your download link doesn't work anymore. In short, I had a mishap with kerne1panic's custom ROM and I have managed to restore back to the SU640 ROM but I need the baseband image to complete the restoration.



Apr 22, 2011
hey i was looking through and found that keenz has posted his his bell optimus lte images in the Stock Roms thread.
wondering if the baseband.img there is also the bell stock img.
i'm in the same situation lol
i bricked my phone 2 nights ago and i scavenging for all files needed to get it back to stock.
if anyone has a link to su640, it'll be much appreciated.
with megaupload down, it's making it a hassle for everyone lol.

repherb - just to confirm, if we use your baseband + the img files keenz has posted, will it be back to 100% stock? Thanks.

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    CONFIRMED: Bell Optimus LTE 4G _CAN_ take any firmware. Unit recognizes 4G LTE stock from the Nitro firmware. Only Bell APN changes needed!!!!! Nitro _IS_ the Bell unit software, everything matches right down to the kernel. NO NEED TO FLASH THE BASEBAND!!!! All 4 other partitions can be flashed safely!

    Here's the Bell APN Settings if anyone needs them:

    Name: Bell
    APN: pda.bell.ca
    Proxy: web.wireless.bell.ca
    Port: 80
    Username: <Not set>
    Password: <Not set>
    Server: <Not set>
    MMSC: http://mms.bell.ca/mms/wapenc
    MMSC proxy: web.wireless.bell.ca
    MMS port: 80
    MCC: 302
    MNC: 610
    APN type : <Not set>
    Pretty much what I figured would be the case :)

    So now I guess we just need the system.img from a stock Optimus 4G LTE and then you'd be truly back to stock.
    Looks like that is the case. I'll definitely update my tutorial as soon as somebody uploads a vanilla Optimus rom (with SuperUser already installed, of course). Thanks for testing the method out! Nobody should have to return a bricked phone anymore now :)
    I have a stock optimus rom with su. Can dump it with in 48 hrs

    Sent from my LG-P930
    repherb, did you try that optimus rom at all? Any major differences in the nitro vs optimus rom? regarding preinstalled carrier apps.

    Does carrier IQ come installed with the ATT rom? I know its not installed with the Optimus ROM