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Apr 1, 2017
ASSAYYED.exe apparently infected with Trojan.Generic.20494828+(B) according to emsisoft scanner and a couple others.
the culprit was ASSAYYED_KITCHEN_V1.82_STABLE.7z. in my case.
Not blaming the developer I may have gotten file from third party. just thought i should give warning.
I dont know much about these things maybe someone can elaborate


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Jul 4, 2015
Some can help with tar.md5 build Error?

Iam trying to build a Odin Flashable image but Iam getting this Error:

I was pulling the raw image from a Samsung J3 Phone . The Phone has Twrp recovery and is rooted, our software is also already installt and OS settings are done. I want to make an Image for mass deployment ( flash it on to 2000 Devices) with Odin but so far no success because above failure.

Any help is highly appreciated


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Jan 19, 2014
Iam trying to build a Odin Flashable image but Iam getting this Error:

I was pulling the raw image from a Samsung J3 Phone . The Phone has Twrp recovery and is rooted, our software is also already installt and OS settings are done. I want to make an Image for mass deployment ( flash it on to 2000 Devices) with Odin but so far no success because above failure.

Any help is highly appreciated


connect your mobile to the kitchen, and exstrip the system from the kitchen. (mobile switched on)
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    thread closed until any further notice from @ASSAYYED
    thanks for understanding
    Dan - forum moderator




    Hello everyone, i want to introduce a new kitchen for windows (ASSAYYED KITCHEN)

    Supports these types of Roms:
    • Stock samsung updates (tar) or (tar.md5)
    • Stock image files (system.img, boot.img, cache.img)
    • Stock sony updates (ftf)
    • Stock sony rom files (system.sin, kernel.sin)
    • Zip contents multi tar files
    • Zip contents ftf files
    • Zip contents normal system folder
    • Zip contents sparse_chunks like Motorola roms
    • System.yaffs2 with kernel
    • System.ext4 with kernel (converted using flashtool)
    • Zip contents ext4 system.img with kernel
    • Zip contents system.new.dat with transfer.list and kernel
    • Support remove extra header for motorola roms
    • Any system folder placed in work folder in the kitchen
    Supports get valid rom with kernel from:
    • Rooted/Unrooted device booted to
    • Device booted to custom recovery
    • Supports to pull symlinks from device using (ls -Rl /system) command even without root
    Supports deodeox process:
    • All version from first up to the last
    • All devices manufactures (Sony, samsung, lg......)
    • All devices architectures (arm, mips, x86)
    • All devices cpus (32, 64) bit
    • Fast and simple process with show count of apks deodexing
    Supports add root SuperSU last version:
    • All version up to last
    • Add root installer for CM/AOSP roms
    • Add root for 5.1.1/6.0.1+ in system-less or system mode with patch sepolicy
    Supports these types of rom recovery installer (META-INF):
    • Build standalone installer
    • Build aroma installer
    • Full Support for FlashFire
    • Compatible with all partitions (ext4, F2FS)
    • Support dual booting
    • Set correct permissions for all version
    • Set (set_perm) permission for version 4.2.2-
    • Set (set_metadata) permission for 4.3+
    • Detect files contexts from kernel
    • Set all permission for all files in file_contexts in kernel that not listed in the kitchen list
    • Detect all LOCAL symlinks in the rom
    • Detect symlinks from stock images (system.img) using (find -type l) same as linux
    • Detect all symlinks from updater-script for old cooked rom and fix them
    • Extract file_contexts automatically from boot.img or from work folder or from kernel.elf
    • Add efs backup for installer for samsung roms
    • Add script to wipe data before installing
    • Add script to tuning device filesystems into ext4 journal_writeback
    • Contents file include more than 550 symlinks for rom that doesn't content local symlinks
    Supports these type of building:
    • Normal zip contents system folder
    • Zip contents ext4 system.img
    • Zip contents system.new.dat with transfer.list
    • Sign zip file created whatever the size is big
    • Tar rom same as samsung official updates contents sparse image
    • Support sparse header 28 and 32 bit and build (img) or (ext4) extension
    • Detect valid system folder size automatically
    • Detect device system partition size from adb
    • Allow user to write the size in Bytes or Kbytes or Mbytes
    • Detect the system block path from kernel or write from user or from adb
    Supports these types of debloating the rom:
    • Remove samsung knox completely
    • Remove a lot of apps and folders to debloat the rom automatically
    • Print all rom apks to user and give choice to select an apk number to remove it (manually debloating)
    • Remove all samsung csc apks
    • Cleaning up all rom apps to remove broken apks
    • Support custom debloat list
    • Very easy to edit the original debloat/deknox menus
    Supports unpacking/repacking kernels/recoveries:
    • Support 3 methods to unpacking and repacking the kernel/recovery
    • Support the kernels that built using linux toolchain
    • Support extract ramdisk packed using (lz4, lzop, lzma, gzip, xz and bzip2)
    • Make adb insecure in default.prop
    • Add init.d support in init.rc in the kernel
    • Add adbd to (ramdisk/sbin) to make adb run in root mode
    • Remove dm-verity
    • Remove force-encrypt
    • Patch sepolicy using device
    • Convert kernel.elf to boot.img
    • Fix kernel/recovery is not SEANDROID enforcing
    Supports converting between file_systems images (separate menu):
    • Extracting files from (cache.img/hidden.img/userdata.img)
    • Extracting files from TWRP recovery backups
    • Convert between [sfs] and
      [*]Convert between [dat] and [img]
      [*]Convert between [ext4] and [sprase_28_32]
      [B][SIZE="3"][U]Supports apktools:[/U][/SIZE][/B]
      [*]Apktool includes (last & 1.5.2 versions) for new and old versions
      [*]And support print all apks, jars and dexs in rom then select apk to decompile and recompile
      [*]Decompile apk, dex, jar files automatically
      [*]Signing selected apks with install sources framework apks
      [B][SIZE="3"][U]Supports these extra features:[/U][/SIZE][/B]
      [*]busybox last version
      [*]Sqlite version 3
      [*] sysro and sysrw to mount system read,write during adb connection
      [*] Custom bootanimation for all versions
      [*]A lot of build.prop tweaks and some init.d tweaks
      [*]init.d support in rom itself without kernel
      [*]Add su.d support
      [*]Add custom zips to install with the rom in the recovery like (busybox, xposed......etc)
      [*]Change build number as the user wants
      [*]Add personal info in installer (Aroma and stanalone)
      [*]Add changelog.txt and license.txt in aroma installer
      [*]Push ready roms to the phone to external or internal storage
      [*]View installer information
      [*]Unlimited count of roms and projects and support save project and restore it
      [*][B]The kitchen uses 7zip (last version) to extract ext4 images (support extract symlinks on FAT32 and NTFS)[/B]
      [*]Compiled into exe file with administrator manifest for better working
      [*]Support all windows versions and 64/32 bit
      [*]Easy usage with main menu list support
      [*]Using linux tools compiled into busybox.exe
      [*][B]For kernel path and the databases the kitchen supports all devices in the world[/B]
      [*][B]Auto detect for kernel path using shell script in recovery and flash the kernel to the correct path[/B]
      [*][B]This means you don't need to worry about detect the kernel block path, the kitchen will automatically detects the kernel path and flashes it to the correct path during installation[/B]
      [*]Support to update all binaries by the user
      [*]Separate menu to work with kernel/recovery without existing any project
      [*]Separate menu to work with file_systems converter without existing any project
      [B][SIZE="5"][COLOR="Blue"][B]User guide:[/B][/COLOR][/SIZE][/B]
      [B][SIZE="3"][U]How to update to new version:[/U][/SIZE][/B]
      [HIDE]Open [TOOLS] folder and remove everything except [projects] and [tmp] folder
      Then back to the main path and delete [ASSAYYED.exe]...
      And extract the new update to the main path[/HIDE]

      [HIDE]Download the kitchen from the link above then extract the (ASSAYYED_KITCHEN.7z)
      you will get (TOOLS) folder and (ASSAYYED.exe) file.
      After first run for the kitchen will create (PLACE, WORK, READY FOLDERS)
      Now we can put unlimited count of roms and from different types (example):
      10 tar file, 20 zip file, system.img with boot.img, system.sin with kernel.sin, system.yaffs2 with kernel
      Then press command 1 in the kitchen and the kitchen will print all your roms with number and all what you need is to type the number for the rom you want (same as dsixda kitchen)[/HIDE]

      [B][SIZE="3"][U]How to update binaries:[/U][/SIZE][/B]
      [HIDE]Go to "TOOLS/txt_files/tools_versions.txt" and open it
      you will find all binaries need to update with their versions & links
      press on each link to check a specified binary if need to update or not
      download the new version and replace it with original [/HIDE]

      [B][SIZE="3"][U]How to add custom debloat/deknox lists:[/U][/SIZE][/B]
      [HIDE]You could edit the original lists for the kitchen to add your items
      to edit debloat open "TOOLS/txt_files/bloat.txt"
      then add what you want to debloat like this:
      if you want to remove folder or file just add its name without any paths
      example (file): to remove "WORK/system/vendor/app/nfc.apk" just add "nfc.apk"
      example (folder): to remove "WORK/system/etc/sound/headset" just add "headset"
      and to edit the knox menu do the same steps for "TOOLS/txt_files/knox.txt"
      And to add your custom debloat menu add your file in "TOOLS/txt_files"
      and name it as you want without spaces and make extension ".txt"[/HIDE]

      [B][SIZE="5"][COLOR="Blue"][B]Download:[/B][/COLOR][/B][/SIZE] [SIZE="4"][url]https://mega.nz/#!fAIkBZKQ!aS-9yNL9GKgVzgJd9C5DWJtjD_fNM6bHTiz-1KnsydA[/url][/SIZE]

      [B][SIZE="5"][COLOR="Blue"][B]Releases and changelog:[/B][/COLOR][/SIZE][/B]
      [B][SIZE="3"][U]VERSION 1.82 STABLE:[/U][/SIZE][/B]
      [*]Fixed bootloop after deodex for Nougat
      [B][SIZE="3"][U]OLD VERSIONS:[/U][/SIZE][/B]
      [HIDE][B][SIZE="3"][U]VERSION 1.81 STABLE:[/U][/SIZE][/B]
      [*]Improved remove "META-INF" contents for 7 ROMs during deodex process
      [*]Updated NotePad++ To version 7.2.2
      [*]Updated SuperSU to version 2.78 SR5
      [B][SIZE="3"][U]VERSION 1.78 STABLE:[/U][/SIZE][/B]
      [*]Fixed sign apk files
      [*]Added new [signapk.jar] binary
      [*]Updated SuperSU to version 2.78 SR4
      [*]Updated NotePad++ to version 7.2
      [B][SIZE="3"][U]VERSION 1.74 STABLE:[/U][/SIZE][/B]
      [*]Fixed deodex old lollipop ROMs
      [B][SIZE="3"][U]VERSION 1.73 STABLE:[/U][/SIZE][/B]
      [*]Updated kernel init.d support to [url]http://.xda-.com/showpost.php?p=69427878&postcount=595[/url]
      [B][SIZE="3"][U]VERSION 1.72 STABLE:[/U][/SIZE][/B]
      [*]Added support for [ftf] files in zip file
      [*]Fixed add zip to rom installler
      [B][SIZE="3"][U]VERSION 1.70 STABLE:[/U][/SIZE][/B]
      [*]Re-wrote all the kitchen codes completely
      [*]Optimized deodex codes and fixed all bugs like: [RAM space, bootloop, and limited storage]
      [*]Added support for multi tar files in zip file
      [*]Added Support to add custom init.d tweaks
      [*]Updated [apktool] to: 2.2.1
      [*]Updated [smali/baksmali] to: 2.2b4
      [*]Updated [7zip] to: 16.04
      [*]Updated [mksquashfs] to: 1.8
      [*]Updated [ busybox] to: 1.25.1
      [*]Updated [notepad++] to: 7.1
      [*]Updated [SuperSU] to: 2.78 SR1
      [*]Updated info in [tools_version.txt]
      [B][SIZE="3"][U]VERSION 1.58 STABLE:[/U][/SIZE][/B]
      [*]Updated [oat2dex] to latest release (including baksmali/smali 2.2b3)
      [*]Updated deodex codes and improved deodex N speed significantly (using [oat2dex] instead of smali/baksmali)
      [B][SIZE="3"][U]VERSION 1.56 STABLE:[/U][/SIZE][/B]
      [*]Restored the original [rimg2sdat]
      [*]Re-writed all kitchen's codes completely with a lot of optimization
      [B][SIZE="3"][U]VERSION 1.54 STABLE:[/U][/SIZE][/B]
      [*]Added fully support to deodex N
      [*]Fixed color issue in aroma installer
      [*]Updated [baksmali & smali] codes in apktool
      [*]Updated [baksmali & smali & oat2dex] to latest version
      [*]Added support to zipalign all [jar] files (maybe help with bootloop)
      [*]Re-writed and optimized all deodex's process codes
      [B][SIZE="3"][U]VERSION 1.48 STABLE:[/U][/SIZE][/B]
      [*]Fixed "apktool" bugs with compiling "jar" files
      [*]Improved check for "file_contexts" file before extract it
      [*]Improved "add-on" zip feature during the recovery
      [B][SIZE="3"][U]VERSION 1.45 STABLE:[/U][/SIZE][/B]
      [*]Updated decode "file_contexts.bin" codes
      [*]Updated fixing kernel header codes
      [*]Update "flash_kernel.sh" script to support all new devices like: Google Nexus *
      [*]Improved get symlinks from "updater-script" & "kernel_file_contexts" from kernel for build rom or installer
      [*]Optimized all building roms codes
      [*]Updated deodex codes and improved N support ([COLOR="Red"]NOT COMPLETELY[/COLOR])
      [B][SIZE="3"][U]VERSION 1.39 STABLE:[/U][/SIZE][/B]
      [*]Added support to rom zip contents sparse "system.img" like: Nexus ROMs
      [*]Added support to "cache.img" included in the same ROMs
      [*]Fixed bugs happened during unpack the kernel in third method
      [*]Added support to detect the kernel header if not standard and fix it (also from Nexus ROMs)
      [B][SIZE="3"][U]VERSION 1.35 STABLE:[/U][/SIZE][/B]
      [*]Updated Building codes to optimize get file_contexts
      [*]Added 3 oat2dex file (0.83, 0.86, 0.87) to fix all deodex errors
      [*]Updated odin to version 3.12.3
      [*]Updated build rom for "dat" method
      [*]Added supprot for "file_contexts.bin" for N roms
      [*]Updated random contexts list for new versions
      [*]Added "baksmali & smali" as a option to deodex if all oat2dex failed to support N
      [*]Updated tools_version.txt to improve update tools by user
      [*]Updated busybox to 1.24.2
      [*]Added support to add custom bootanimation to N
      [*]Updated apktool to 2.2.0
      [*]Updated checking tools needed
      [*]Replaced closed source "rimg2sdat" to open source "img2sdat" from latest commit and ported from .py script to exe
      [*]Updated "sdat2img" from latest commit and ported from .py script to exe
      [*]Optimized getting rom name for "sdat" Building
      [B][SIZE="3"][U]VERSION 1.20 STABLE:[/U][/SIZE][/B]
      [*]Fixed all file_system converter bugs
      [*]Updated zipalign process & added counting as deodex
      [*]Added support to push files to external sdcard on 6
      [*]Added kushan deblaot list to the debloater (Thanks to: [user=5804776]@Kushan02[/user] for his list and this thread: [url]http://.xda-.com/galaxy-s4/i9505-develop/s4-touchwiz-lollipop-rom-debloater-t3047634[/url])
      [B][SIZE="3"][U]VERSION 1.16 STABLE:[/U][/SIZE][/B]
      [*]Improved the speed of checking project information significantly
      [*]Added support for all [bootanimation*.zip] files (bootanimation-encrypt.....)
      [B][SIZE="3"][U]VERSION 1.14 STABLE:[/U][/SIZE][/B]
      [*]Updated restore symlinks lines in updater-script during restore bloatware
      [*]Fixed debloat status if the rom already debloated
      [*]Removed [du.exe] binary
      [*]Improved counting files during deodex for HTC roms
      [B][SIZE="3"][U]VERSION 1.10 STABLE:[/U][/SIZE][/B]
      [*]Updated kill adb server for whole adb commands
      [*]Updated update-binary and updated aroma binary and restored the progress bar moving with extracted files (Thanks to: [user=2605798]@nkk71[/user])
      [B][SIZE="3"][U]VERSION 1.08 STABLE:[/U][/SIZE][/B] (Thanks to: [user=6089271]@mafsi[/user])
      [*]Added detect if sepolicy already patched before root
      [*]Added support to detect sizes on old windows version
      [*]Added support to remove symlinks commands for debloated/deknoxed files
      [*]Added adb kill-server after each adb process
      [B][SIZE="3"][U]VERSION 1.04 STABLE:[/U][/SIZE][/B]
      [*]Updated detecting system folder size
      [*]Created new order for the progress bar in aroma installer
      [*]Updated supersu to 2.78
      [*]Removed oem.sin support (adding support for it is a mistake)
      [B][SIZE="3"][U]VERSION 1.00 STABLE:[/U][/SIZE][/B]
      [*]Updated [update-binary] to latest support the block_image_update to avoid error 3 in twrp recovery that happened because of huge zip size more than 2G (fixing in minzip function allow up to 4G especially for new sony big roms like: Z5P)
      [*]Changed all set_perm for small script to set_metdata (supported by two binaries)
      [*]Improved gawk (print) command to detect contexts that placed in third column by detecting last column automatically (fixed detect some xperia roms for "-d" second column like "odex.*fs")
      [*]Removed protecting exploring using 7z for ASSAYYED.exe (faster during extract the source and starting the kitchen)
      [*]Changed some print commands strings
      [*]Added support to oem.sin from ftf or alone with system.sin
      [*]Improved updater-script codes to avoid duplicate during mounting and umounting commands (fixed error message like: invalid arguments. Or: device or resource busy)
      [*]Added code to use edify detect "/proc/mounts" partitions before mount
      [*]Use old update-binary that supports set_perm and set_metadata to use on old versions to avoid error 6 during installation because of removing set_perm from the new update-binary
      [*]Now the installer will support sizes for devices that don't released yet like S8
      [*]Improved minzip function to work with aroma even if the permissions is not set_perm with protect from error message with un-dead feature
      [*]Replaced update-binary-installer in aroma too (this will support aroma in flashfire)
      [*]Optimized stability codes to avoid closing the kitchen suddenly (the stable version)
      [B][SIZE="3"][U]VERSION 6.3 ALPHA:[/U][/SIZE][/B]
      [*]Replaced all sign rom codes and binaries with dsixda kitchen to avoid new testing and errors
      [*]Changed project name entry
      [*]Improved build exe file & removed UPX compress for better security (maybe help with trojan detect)
      [B][SIZE="3"][U]VERSION 6.2 ALPHA:[/U][/SIZE][/B]
      [*]Fixed patch sepolicy in recovery
      [*]Fixed deleted create project command
      [*]Fixed detect supolicy in recovery
      [*]Fixed detect supolicy in system-less mode
      [*]Fixed continue root in system mode if patch sepolicy failed
      [*]Fixed remove unpacked kernel if patch sepolicy failed
      [B][SIZE="3"][U]VERSION 6.1 ALPHA:[/U][/SIZE][/B]
      [*]Optimized all codes
      [*]Added support to add project name for better work
      [*]Improved tools names and updates
      [*]Fixed some prints commands
      [*]Changed auto debloat command string
      [*]Rebuild exe file with better assembling
      [B][SIZE="3"][U]VERSION 6.0 ALPHA:[/U][/SIZE][/B]
      [*]Updated signapk.jar binary
      [*][B]Added support to sign any zip file whatever its size was big and whatever the RAM is small[/B]
      [*]Updated style and design
      [*]Improved detect contexts from file_contexts completely
      [*]Changed color from blue to white
      [*]Added full support for sony [ftf, sin, elf, ext4] with instruction to use flashtool
      [*]Added support for [boot.sin, kernel.sin, boot.img, kernel.elf] in PLACE folder with pick one for the rom
      [*]Improved security and powerful for exe file
      [*]Updated deodex codes
      [*]Added full explain to "TOOLS/tmp/deodex_log.txt" after the end of the process
      [*]Added remove dm-verity
      [*]Added remove/add force-encrypt
      [*]Added separate kernel/recovery menu
      [*]Fixed working with kernel.sin codes
      [*]Improved detect fstab
      [*]Added custom bootanimation status
      [*]Added separate images file_systems convert menu
      [*]Added sign zip after build it
      [*]Added su.d support with status
      [*]Added custom debloat menu support
      [*]Fixed efs backup script
      [*]Added support for all zip in cache.img like "sec_omc.zip"
      [*]Added ability to update binaries by user
      [*]Improved installer to work with all devices and make it compatible with all partitions types (ext4, F2FS) and support dual boot
      [*]Added fully support for FlashFire
      [*]Improve deodex process and added counting apps during it
      [*]Replace NO ODEX FOUND with green NOT NEEDING
      [*]Installer info always show
      [*]Removed installer maker and permissions type from installer info
      [*]Added patch sepolicy (separate in kernel menu or before rooting)
      [*]Added adding custom zip installation to updater-script to install it with the rom like (busybox, xposed)
      [*]Added convert elf to img [COLOR="Red"]---NOT TESTED YET---[/COLOR]
      [*]Added sony boot.sin detect support
      [*]Fixed detect ASSAYYED.exe as virus
      [B][SIZE="3"][U]VERSION 5.3 BETA:[/U][/SIZE][/B]
      [*]Fixed deodex process on architecture (32) in the roms that have 64 and 32 architectures
      [B][SIZE="3"][U]VERSION 5.2 BETA:[/U][/SIZE][/B]
      [*]Now automatically zipalign apks after deodex finished
      [*]Fixed some apks like (SamsungIME) FC after deodex
      [*]Updated zipalign binary to latest from SDK-build-tools v24.0.1
      [*][B]Now the apks get very high speed after zipalign using (Align stored shared object files in the apk)[/B]
      [B][SIZE="3"][U]VERSION 5.1 BETA:[/U][/SIZE][/B]
      [*]Updated deodex to remove oat folders completely
      [*]Fixed lost .so files from app, priv-app folders after deodex
      [*]Updated deodex process to integrate all classes*.dex into apks (more than 3 -- unlimited)
      [*]Fixed bootloop on some roms after deodex because of lost apks's symlinks after the process
      [B][SIZE="3"][U]VERSION 5 BETA:[/U][/SIZE][/B]
      [*]Updated deodex process and fixed deodex 64 and 32 bit
      [*]Fixed pull roms from recovery and mount /system for read, write
      [*][B]Fixed WIFI disabled on some devices after flashing[/B]
      [*]Optimized builds roms codes
      [*]Improved extract file_contexts from kernel
      [*]Fixed detect files contexts from file_contexts
      [B][SIZE="3"][U]VERSION 4 BETA:[/U][/SIZE][/B]
      [*]Optimized codes
      [*]Fixed pull symlinks from all locations in addition to use "su" if the device rooted
      [*]Updated detect root in device in system-less & system modes
      [*]Updated detect system size from device
      [*]Added kitchen version in the title
      [*]Optimized exe file & reduced size
      [*]Added administrator manifest to exe file for better work
      [*]Added support to work in all windows versions up to windows 10 64x bit
      [*]Updated detecting kernel during pull rom from device
      [*]Improved pull rom for protected files as root permisison because of [su.img] (root in system-less mode)
      [*]Updated deodoex process to remove [oat] folders from the /system/app & /system/priv-app after the process
      [*]Added root installer for roms that have version 6.x.x+ to install root in system-less mode
      instead of add it directly in system especially in tar roms to avoid bootloop
      [*]Note: tar build method doesn't include root installer because odin doesn't support zip files
      and instead of that you can create tar file contents Self-auto_root
      [B][SIZE="3"][U]VERSION 3 BETA:[/U][/SIZE][/B]
      [*]Replaced image mount with extract directly using 7zip so now supports size up to 160000000000GB and supports all windows version up to 10
      [*]Fixed build rom in image type [dat & raw] for sizes bigger than 5GB
      [*]Updated & fixed deodex process & added log for its
      [*]Fixed rename system.img to ext4 in build 28bit method
      [*]Added apktool for all versions supports edit jar & apk & dex files
      [*]Added adbd for run adb in root mode directly
      [*]Added option to add custom bootanimation
      [*]Optimized codes & improved root permissions codes
      [*]Improved & fixed info to build 28 and 32 bit system.img for odin flash
      [*]Removed data/cfw files feature [useless]
      [*]Added option to remove csc apks in debloat command [samsung]
      [*]Fixed remove some /bin/** files after deodex [Thanks to [B]jackq[/B]]
      [*]Now will add root installer for roms 6.x.x+
      [*]Fixed pull rom from device rooted in system-less method
      [*]Updated debloat & deknox menus
      [*]Improved work with motorola roms
      [*]Updated root to v2.76 beta
      [*]Fixed bootloop after flash image in recovery or odin
      [*]Fixed memory leak during deodex process on some WINDOWS
      [*]Now the kitchen extracts [file_contexts] automatically from [kernel.elf]
      [B][SIZE="3"][U]VERSION 2 BETA:[/U][/SIZE][/B]
      [*]Fixed lost cyg****.dll files
      [*]Fixed remove extra header for motorola stock roms
      [*]Added more symlinks [for ROM doesn't content local symlinks] to support motorola roms
      [B][SIZE="3"][U]VERSION 1 BETA:[/U][/SIZE][/B]
      [*]Initial release
      [B][URL="https://www.cygwin.com/"]Cygwin[/URL]: For linux tools
      [URL="https://-review.googlesource.com/"]AOSP[/URL]: For image tools [simg2img, make_ext4fs, adb......etc]
      [URL="http://www.miui.com/space-uid-29574096.html"]cofface[/URL]: For bootimg [kernel extractor]
      [URL="http://4pda.ru//index.php?showtopic=218799"]And_pda[/URL]: For imgextractor.exe
      [URL="http://www.codeproject.com/Articles/17033/Add-Colors-to-Batch-Files"]thomas_polaert[/URL]: For cecho command
      [URL="http://www.7-zip.org/"]Igor Pavlov[/URL]: For 7zip binary
      [user=4723245]@Jertlok[/user]: For this thread [url]http://.xda-.com/note-4/-apps/flashable-zip--m-bootanimation-t3194291[/url]
      [user=6262977]@howellzhu[/user]: For rimg2sdat
      [user=5161352]@JustArchi[/user]: For init.d support in the rom
      [user=3924617]@iBotPeaches[/user]: For apktool
      [user=1299419]@JesusFreke[/user]: For smali & Baksmali
      [user=6258761]@_riddle[/user]: For oat2dex
      [user=402300]@amarullz[/user]: For Aroma installer
      [user=2117836]@michfood[/user]: For kernel tools
      [user=4544860]@osm0sis[/user]: For kernel tools and Busybox
      [user=631273]@Chainfire[/user]: For SuperSU
      [user=5132229]@xpirt[/user]: For sdat2img
      [user=2976903]@A.S._id[/user]: For this thread [URL="http://.xda-.com/showthread.php?t=2600364"]http://.xda-.com/showthread.php?t=2600364[/URL][/B]
      [B][SIZE="5"][COLOR="Blue"][B][CENTER]I hope this program works fine and remember to make a backup for your rom if you decide to use it[/CENTER][/B][/COLOR][/SIZE][/B]
    ca has prometeur area . is it possible to have a link other than 4shared ? please
    thank you

    I have created a new link to mediafire
    Download here
    Hi @ASSAYYED, talking with a friend of my local forum that is building kernels for the S7 Edge, he told me the way to make work init.d editing ramdisk instead of using the debuggerd way( it is spaming my logcat). With the kernel unpacked we have to edit init.rc file and add this code at the end:

    # Init kernel-init
    service kernel-init /sbin/kernel-init.sh
        class main
        user root

    Now on sbin folder we have to create the kernel-init.sh script, with this lines inside:

    # Initial
    mount -o remount,rw -t auto /system
    mount -o remount,rw -t auto /data
    mount -t rootfs -o remount,rw rootfs
    # init.d support
    if [ ! -e /system/etc/init.d ]; then
       mkdir /system/etc/init.d
       chown -R root.root /system/etc/init.d
       chmod -R 755 /system/etc/init.d
    # start init.d
    for FILE in /system/etc/init.d/*; do
       sh $FILE >/dev/null
    mount -t rootfs -o remount,ro rootfs
    mount -o remount,rw -t auto /data
    mount -o remount,ro -t auto /system

    Can you include it on the kitchen please?
    Please read the Op!

    Y'all may see that development of this kitchen had stopped due to real life issues.
    Think this thread can be closed until the Op has time to continue developing.


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