Best backup utility for Razer Phone 2?

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Mar 13, 2012
Google Pixel C
Razer Phone 2
I've used Titanium Backup for quite a long time, but it appears the app hasn't been updated for a while, and it currently cannot properly backup/restore apps that contain split parts. Such apps would force close after backup and often requires reinstall (which defeats the purpose as the process deletes all data, both internal and internal).

On my previous phone (XZ Premium), I tried using Migrate (from XDA) and it worked perfectly on that device (needs to use ExSDCard Write Access Enabler). However, the app doesn't appear to work correctly with our phone, and not sure if system-as-root might be related (say, does our device really have that feature, though I recall seeing some Magisk modules said so during flashing process), or it might be due to the inability to toggle SELinux to permissive on current kernels (no matter what I do, SELinux is always Enforcing and cannot be changed).

So which backup app is currently the best for our device? I'm considering getting an up-to-date alternative and I'm not sure which one really works (I mean, I can back things up and restore it without any serious issues that could result in permanent loss of contents in case I need to clean flash ROMs in the future).
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