Question Best call recorder Mod on Pixel 7 ?

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New member
I've recently bought a Pixel 7, very glad to have it.
I'm planning to root it in order to have access to native call recording.
Which would be the better option ?
1- Skavalex with root with premium version
2- BCR mod with Magisk module,
3- Google dialer mod with Magisk module

Thanks for the feed back :)


Senior Member
Jul 17, 2018
BCR is the correct way to go on this.

skavalex is closed source and from a nobody developer, therefore you don't know "what else" it might be doing, and there is nobody to hold to account if something terrible happens.

Gooble dialer mod is good (a) if you actually use gooble dialer, and (b) if you don't mind manually pressing a button to start recording.