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Question Best custom rom

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Jul 25, 2016
Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 10.1
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I'm trying to crystalize the most stable custom ROM for allround general usage. Desirable would be no quirks or flaws to work around. As well as continuously updated with active development.

Obv. every a12 ROM will have to wait.


Reading through the forums and gathering insight from user reports and activity. As of lately, CrDroid emerges as the most stable ROM. With the least amount of issues reported, active development and relatively large user base.

The most obvious counter shout would be Arrow, but it's thread seem to be populated with a fair amount of bug reports as of late. These latest builds might have have derailed somewhat.

Any input from real experience and practice, which could easily be overseen by just reading? :)
On ArrowOS 12, there are not many bugs and fixed fast. Great for a new android version


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Jul 25, 2016
Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 10.1
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Hey here is a list of some custom roms for alioth, it's not mine but it could be useful :)

The website has been updated !
Look at this post (from telegram, can't share on xda)
"We have important news to share!

Our custom ROM list has been evolving over the months, with new entries coming almost daily and. Thanks to consistently and regularly maintaining of the website we have grown to be a matured source for reliable information regarding custom ROMs for alioth. Now, we've taken it to another level.

What has started as a janky Rose bot in the German Poco F3 group was soon deployed on an FTP server and developed as a simple, static website with straightforward user experience. Now, with ROM list 2.0.0, we have created an enterprise-grade Angular web application.

Regarding the frontend, not only has the design become more modern, clearer and nicer to look at. We also added an 'about' page with many helpful resources regarding the website. We included a comprehensive filter and search function. Every ROM includes the maintained Android versions, the maintainers and the link do download the ROM. We also went beyond the custom ROMs themselves and also started including custom kernels and recoveries a while back. That way, you can get everything you need for your device at one place.

But at least ten times as many things have changed in the backend. As I mentioned before, the ROM list is no longer a simple, static website. With v2.0.0, the ROM list has become a full-blown, enterprise-grade, dynamic web application based on the open-source Angular TypeScript framework from Google. This enables endless possibilities for us, giving us a bigger scope for updates, new features and improvements of the user experience. It also guarantees a stable website.

We made the source code public on GitHub from day one, so that everyone with a little knowledge and interested in the project can fork the repository for their own device. Obviously, that hasn't changed.

Now, one last thing: we have set up a Google form for any suggestions and feedback that you might have regarding the website. It is available here (https://docs.google.com/forms/d/189fVPfEJ9_liTUUni2lEQAT6CDgngRO-j7GOPlvd94U).

You can access the new website by visiting
https://alioth.knecht.rocks or typing in #romlist in the Global group chat.

Thank you,
the ROM list team (Artur, Stefan and @krakeen06)

Follow @PocoF3GlobalUpdates
Join @PocoF3GlobalOfficial"

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    Saying which rom is the best .. It is so subjective, because if you look closely, the vast majority of users will recommend and say that the rom they are using is the best.

    Personally, on my previous mobile, I was using only miui, specifically the Xioami.EU and I was delighted.

    But when I switched to Poco F3, I decided that even though I was happy with Miui, I wanted to make a change and try something else, hence I have been trying some roms (not all, because luckily, we have many to choose from).

    Personally, I wanted them to work if not perfect, as well as possible, without apparent failures. That the performance is very good, that the battery behaves, but above all, that they provide you with a plus of personalization (extra adjustments and pops to put on the mobile).

    So I tried:

    - ArrowOS -> Quite happy, everything was going well and with some customization touches, I recommend trying it if you are looking for that and I think that it also updates from its own updater, in case you do not want to always carry the TWRP in tow.

    - Hentai OS -> I don't like it at all, due to its null customization. I have also tried it 2 times, due to the good opinions that I have always read when they talk about it and to see if after a few weeks, it had improved in that aspect, but nothing, no matter how good they say it is, I don't like it at all nor does it give me that extra that I am looking for, so it is not a rom for me. Now, if you are looking for an experience as similar to a Pixel and as I mentioned, with zero customization, this may be your rom.

    - Evolution X -> I tried the first version and it didn't really look bad. What happens, I think that the issue of updates is somewhat stopped and they have not released many since then, but I'm not sure about it either.

    - LineageOS -> What to say about a mythical rom. I tried the first version and everything was going so well, that it is already a joy. I think this rom is also updated directly from its own updater, if you keep the TWRP they recommend for installation. It works in general lines very well, you have the security of the great community behind it and that it will be constantly updated and it also has its personalization touches, therefore, another recommended test.

    - crDroid -> For me, for the use that I give to the mobile and what I was looking for as I said at the beginning, to this day, the "best" rom that I have tried by far. Everything works really well, it has customization options to give and sell, which I have not seen in other AOSP roms (as you will see, those based on miui I have not bothered to try any rom, because I wanted a change of miui after so many years being only true to miui). Above is constantly being updated with performance improvements and new customization options. And in addition, the developer / group of developers are very active and answer any questions that may arise, either in the rom thread or in the channel that is dedicated to the rom and our mobile in particular, the Poco F3, on Telegram.

    This is broadly speaking, my totally subjective opinion, that there will be someone who may agree with me and surely many others, who do not agree.

    But asserting that such a rom is better than the rest, just because it is the one you use, without giving any weighty argumentation, does not make much sense, because it can lead to mistakes, for someone who has no idea about roms.

    The best thing is to know what you want and based on it, try different roms for several days each, in order to form a strong opinion and with arguments.

    Sorry for the brick.​
    I got GCAM work on Arrow without any problem. Selfies & video quality is superior to the stock.
    Try MGC with IronHrt xml

    The IronHrt XML for gcam.

    The Gcam MGC APK.

    To make life easier :)
    Currenly, Arrow and Syberia are the best to me. I've flashed every rom many times as I have an extra Poco to play with. The runners up for me are crDroid and AICP. If you use the Always On Display you won't get great battery life on any of the ROMs. One of my pet peeves is if the rom doesn't have something so simple like a clear all button at the bottom in recents and an option to only show the battery percentage in the statusbar then it's a failure.
    For MIUI roms i always go to EU rom, but anyways with this Poco F3 the best rom out there it's Arrow OS, fast, continous updates with his own updater, necessary customization, and this last update is something really good. Flash and forget anything.
    As Calamaros said best ROM is a matter of subjective preference. I also tried for at least one day in this order Xiaomi EU, Pixel Experience, OneOs, Syberia, Arrow, Havoc, Crdroid, EvolutionX, Lineage. In the end the winner for me was ArrowOs because is really, really fast, NFC, banking and Netflix (L1certification) works, not as customisable as HavocOs, Crdroid and EvolutionX but not lacking either, and the battery seems to last the longest. I don't game but I do Netflix, HBO and Emby alot and I get 7-9 hours screen time of 1080 playback at 50-60% luminosity on Data and Bluetooth (AptX HD). Animations are set at 0.5x and unnecessary boot apps disabled. If it helps someone...
    This answer probably is going to sound harsh, but it is truth (at least for me hahaha).

    I've tried literally every custom rom from here (and also a few ones that are baked outside XDA, i.e. HOS, the Android 12 build, etc) and yeah, not even one custom rom gets near the stability, compatibility and battery life of MIUI.

    I don't like MIUI at all, but the battery consuption and stability is the best to be used as a daily driver. I hate when I want to do something on my daily basis and then I fail to do it because I'm using a custom rom, for example: bluetooth issues when connecting the phone with my car, video calls having audio issues, low volume on calls, etc) or just taking a photo.

    MIUI covers all those little points, and at the end of the day, is the only rom that fullfill all my needs. I personally use eu (the weekly release), as it is just an optimized version of MIUI, but yeah, I still dream on the day that a custom rom gets to the same level of stability and compatibility as MIUI. I TRULY love pixel like roms, but I just don't wan't to sacrifice stability or just simply downgrade the cam quality just for that.

    And if I really need to chose a custom rom, I'll pick Lineage, it's the best custom rom out there, has awesome battery life, extra features and the rom/mantainers are not just going to stop developing the weekly nightlies just because they get tired of it. On second place there is HOS, the only issue with HOS that I had is that the thermals of my phone gets real high when I play games (this does not happen with other roms).