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Best Fart App for Windows Mobile

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May 9, 2007
Have you seen the BS Fart App? http://www.bsfartapp.com

It supports farting on demand, on time delay and using Text Messages or the web browser. ...Apparently it has it's own HTTP Web Server so you can just WiFi over to it and fart away.

The app also lets you do one other thing via Text Message, you can have the phone with BS Fart App installed on it call some other phone. ...This allows you to eavesdrop on your mark, so you can wait for the perfect moment before making the phone fart.

Oh yeah, and it has an iPhone like kinetic list interface. But it also works fine on none touch devices.

I'm unemployed, so please pay the reasonable $1.99 I'm asking for it. I wrote the app entirely in C#, so it requires the 3.5 framework.


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Jan 24, 2008
wow what a waist of a great app this could be a great app menu system,gps location ,all for farts :confused:


Jun 2, 2007
The application really looks like some serious software. I think you should use this software as a base and create something more useful :)

Oh, and you might consider fart by twitter, a social web feature for your fart app (e.g. send farts to facebook) etc. ;-)


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Jul 28, 2007
Everywhere a htc phone is located

love the fart machine app you made. best 2 dollars i ever spent.

i have right now only one issue....it is when i look at the webserver ip address all i get is 2 numbers.

see pic for example i posted below for my error i have.

i am running an at&t fuze aka touch pro device which is a vga display.

it also doesnt place nicely when i open in landscape mode either.

like i said before great app so far.
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Jan 30, 2007
New York

Yours is the only (out of hundreds of) software plugged on my site for which there is no free or shareware version. That speaks for itself in terms of how impressive your work is and how awesomely talented you are.

As with Chainfire, I imagine and hope your efforts result in at least some modest prosperity and of course in your case satisfaction from all the laughs and awkward moments you're creating around the world, two bucks at a time.

One demographic you'll touch, of which I'll belong once I whip out the debit card, is those who have no intention of using your program for its intended purposes but just want to witness firsthand the complexity, sophistication and finesse of your work rather than just watching the video.



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Nov 5, 2007
man this app is amazing!
not so much the fart part of it.. thats hilarious
but it has so much more potential!
amazing work1!

and great video haha.. tuna melt..


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Jun 30, 2005
I purchased this last Thursday as well. Never got a txt msg about downloading that app and sent the author 3 emails with no replies so far.


Yep, I've been emailing them for support... they responded to the first email, last week, and nothing else since, despite repeated attempts to contact them. I'm wondering if something happened to the dude.


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Jun 30, 2005
Folks, either something has happened to this guy, or we've been had. After a couple replies from him when I first started trying to use the app a few weeks ago, he has not responded to any of my emails in the last two weeks.

Has anyone had any success at all getting this app to start on a Touch HD? It will not start on mine. And I already paid for it. I know 2 bucks is minimal, but that's hardly the point. A couple weeks ok, Brien (the developer) promised to send me a debug version of the app so we could diagnose why it doesn't work on my phone. I've heard nothing since, despite four emails practically begging him for a reply. The last one I sent is basically just asking him if he's even alive.