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best gcam mod for redmi note 8

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Nov 27, 2016
Samsung Galaxy S7
Samsung Galaxy A6
Thanks for the input, but I used the ADB shell's Package Manager to uninstall the Stock Camera and then sideloaded GCam. Worked like a Charm!
What is a Clone Version btw? Thx in advance.
A clone app has a different "name" thus it doesn't replace an existing stock app but allows you to have a second (third etc.) app installed parallel.


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May 23, 2017
Redmi Note 8
Realme 8 Pro
Para nadie es un secreto que la gcam es una de las app indispensable para nuestro terminal redmi note 8 , aquí les traigo una versión demasiado completa y sobre todo estable

MOD EDIT: Please post only in English according to the FORUM RULES or at least add an English translation below your foreign language(Google translator for example), translation added below:

It is no secret to anyone that the gcam is one of the essential app for our terminal redmi note 8, here I bring you a version that is too complete and above all stable

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Mar 2, 2021
Hi guys !
I'm using a Redmi Note 8 2021 Edition with "stock/preinstalled" MIUI Global 12.5.5 and wanted to ask, which GCam would be best for me (and it would be great without root/magisk/custom rom) ?

Thanks and greetings !

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    This thread is to discuss best gcam mod for redmi note 8.

    The Google Camera was a must-have for redmi note 7. With it, the phone’s dual camera worked surprisingly well in low light.

    So how are we?

    Will there be a gcam app port to the redmi note 8? And will the effect be es big, as before?
    Thanks a bunch, I'll try different versions of Parrot's Gcam and maybe trcam as well.

    The videos got recorded but appeared in the Gallery app with quite a delay, I saw them there just today.

    If I find a gcam version that works for me, I'll post here.

    here's some versions that work well for me:
    Urnyx05: https://www.celsoazevedo.com/files/android/google-camera/f/changelog1218/ good for wide and macro support (if you're rooted)
    Parrot043: https://www.celsoazevedo.com/files/android/google-camera/f/changelog1239/ good for customisation, getting the best quality from your photos
    I have good news for you. There is GCam on which main, wide and macro lenses work. I tested on MIUI It does not require any config files - just install and work, icons for switching objects are visible on the main screen. Screenshots below - first three photos.
    Link here: GCam_RN8P_Wyroczen_7.3.020_2.0.apk.
    Probably requires set SELinux to Permissive mode. Please let someone check if it works on custom roms android 9/10

    I have another great thing for you that I found on the Russian 4pda forum - mod magisk (created by Lenovoved), which clearly improves the quality of the movies recorded on Redmi Note 8 (ginkgo and willow) mainly depending on the changes made in noise removal.
    Telegram with the latest versions : t.me/ld_ginkgo_willow
    Source: https://4pda.ru/forum/index.php?s=&showtopic=973027&view=findpost&p=94945742
    Changelog below in Changelog.txt.

    I have another nice thing for you. Unlock additional Mi Camera functions (no root required).
    Using any file manager, go to the DCIM folder in the internal memory, then to the Camera folder and create a file named: Lab_options_visible (fifth picture). Additional settings should appear so as in the photo below - fourth picture.
    The best option is to turn off the MFNR option, i.e. turn off noise removal in photos so that the photos are of even better quality (more details can be seen)
    None of them can record video in a wide lens, use a macro lens, etc., as I mentioned earlier. That's why I'm asking
    We are using GCAM optimized for Redmi Note 7. It works because HW between 7 and 8 are very similar, maybe if someone is capable to work specifically for our device we will have a good GCAM with more option designed for our quad camera phone..:D