Question best gcam version for Realme 8 4g with G95 chipset?

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    What is the best gcam version for Realme 8 4g with G95 chipset?
    Can you share link....

    I don't have original source,don't remember where I downloaded from but I kept APK on my phone so here you go.
    Gcam is the one I have and it works perfectly fine on Realme 8.
    So after some of testing i found that HDR works good until the light gets lower, then it shoots very dark photos. I could not fix that via mod settings, tried everything.
    HDR Enhanced on lower lighting shoots kinda nightshots but with purple tinting all over.
    Nightsight does the job just fine and selfies are way better with Gcam than the native app.
    Currently using BSG latest recommended version. Get it >HERE
    Playing around with the mod settings didn't bring any noticeable improvement, the only thing worth experimenting with is the different AWB settings from different google models.
    GCam 8.4.600 is working great here. Night mode is impressive.