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Jul 4, 2012
Bruh use Tr.Camera you'll be amazed with it
Do you have any configuration file for this apk? I've installed it but with standard configuration quality is too poor compared with this Gcam app+config file. The only problem that I see in this cam is the lag to take a photo and I don't want to root it and lose my warranty.


New member
Feb 24, 2021
can anyone help me with the buffer fix installation? idk much about rooting and magisk kinda stuff so it will be great if anyone can help me with the installation as clear as possible. thank you so much

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    #UPDATED:- 06 / Oct / 2020

    Stable and Best Quailty GCam with XML For Realme 6 [ RMX2001 ]
    GCam Version - 7.4.104 Stable
    APK :- Here
    XML :- Here @maneeshkumar75

    1- All Cameras working very fine including Main-Wide-Macro and giving awesome results
    2- Video Recording also working at 4K 60 FPS.
    3- Slow Motion ,working without any force stop or any problem.
    4- Night Sight
    5- Astrography
    6- Portrait
    7- And all other features such as Panoroma,Photo Sphere,Slow Motion,Time lapse etc.

    1- First install the apk of GCam given in link(GoogleDrive) in the top of the thread.Also download given XML for best results.
    2-Put your XML file to location storage/GCam/Configs7 .I recommend you to create manually all folders if it is not there.
    3- Simply open app and double tap on black screen of your GCam,in the one side of shutter button.
    4- Then load the XML file and BOOM you had loaded the settings of GCam.
    5- Finally, now you can start shooting your awesome images.

    Buffer Fix Link :- Here
    It fixes viewfinder lags in gcam for all lenses
    Buffer Fix Installation Guides
    1- Install zip in magisk manager as standard magisk module;
    2- Reboot

    APK :- Here
    XML :- Here

    Based on: B-S-G and Arnova8G2 GCam 7.4.104

    • Improved NoiseModeler and fixed noise grain and blur
    • Added latest opmodes (Thanks Arnova8G2)
    • Added AUX device models and NoiseModeler (Thanks overwhelmer)
    • Added exposure compensation for AUX
    • Added Resampling for sensors without Sabre (Thanks onFire)
    • Replaced Pixel Binning button in viewfinder (Thanks Arnova8G2)
    • Fixed Redmi Note 8 Pro black viewfinder (Thanks Wyroczen)
    • Fixed Sabre on main sensor
    • More aux icon styles: "Dots"
    • Updated translations
    • Some small changes and fixes

    • Finally, fixed. First properly working GCam 7.4: NoiseModeler should help now for camera sensors with blur or noise grain. Enable it first and then choose better Denoise model. It works for Main, Front and AUX (separated)
    • Fully support of Redmi Note 8/9 devices
    • Do not apply XMLs from other devices because AUX may be broken with wrong IDs

    Credit for APK goes to Nikita and other Gcam modders.
    Credit for XML goes to @maneeshkumar75
    Why on "other" ( where you can find panorama setting) there is no lag?
    Its a very good gcam appreciated,
    But i think slomo and time lapse is not working
    Yes but may be in future updates it will work.:eek:
    just disable HEVC/H.265 in setting >> general >> advanced to fix video record
    Astrophoto seems broken with latest version, taking photo always last only few seconds
    Bruh use Tr.Camera you'll be amazed with it
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