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Best option to repair / recover data

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Aug 30, 2011

Recently I smashed my screen on my note 9. The phone still worked fully but a couple of days later I got a vertical green pixel line on the screen then a full green screen.

As far as I can tell the screen still responds to inputs if you know where to touch just that you can't see what your doing!

Samsung quote £270 for a screen repair. Am I going to need a new digitizer or just the glass?

There are some signs of life - when the phone is put on charge the overlay shows up and when I get a text message the overlay and 'screen flash' show up.

I'm trying to recover data in my secure folder and get access to stuff like my Google authenticator. I can't transfer any data wirelessly or through cable because I can't see the screen. Also tried Windows 'my phone' but can only see pictures and text messages.

Any advice on cheapest way to get my data / screen back?


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