Accessories Best phone ring holder/kickstand that doesnt interfere with wireless charging that I've found.

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I've been buying and trying A LOT of finger rings that aren't supposed to be adhesive because I want to not have something covering up my dbrand skin permanently AND using any kind of magsafe magnet plus accessories has been a no go on everything working as intended. I also tried the clip on pop socket but I wanted something that isn't as weak as the cheap plastic that popsocket uses. I haven't found exactly what I want but I discovered how to create it.

Anyway my final solution is unique but it works well for me figured I'd share my findings.

Finger ring
Magnet clip on

the sizes of both fit together almost perfectly, stick the finger ring adhesive on the metal surface on the magnet clip on and BOOM you have a clip on finger ring plus kickstand.

Attached are pics of my contraption. It works for me 👍


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