Best theme for nonrooted users?(original launcher)

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Sep 1, 2012
Hey guys!
I wanna ask advice cause im out of inspiration or rather gave up...

Currently the most "normal" theme I found is "blak ui" in the samsung themes, with that the lockscreen clock is normal [(not that retard ones like top hours bellow minutes) well if I set a different wallpaper as lockscreen it changes back to retard one :( ]

It all would be good, but no since there are a lot of icons, are not included in icon packs (on samsung themes) idk about you guys but, I either want a square icons or rounded ones when mix its annoy me...

Oh, and maybe cause im stupid, but I dont want to use Nova or any launcher (since my old memories from >2014 made me hate launchers) and i also love the orignal launcher...

You guys have some theme or any solution for my problem? (i saw you can make themes with samsung theme maker but u need to be a developer and I dont think they make everyone to developer)

Thanks for answers, and sorry for my grammar, one day ill learn :D

ps: would like something like this square/dark ones
ps2: Also wondering in android there arent function liks "date and clock icons are changeing ? eg date icon would show the current date etc)