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Oct 29, 2010
Markham, ON
Hope this isn't a dumb question but does anyone know if this ROM is still being developed? I gave this ROM with my old phone to my girlfriend and she was wondering if there is a fix for the mic delay and/or the camera fps with recording? Other than that it's super stable and a great daily driver.


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Nov 2, 2012
Hope this isn't a dumb question but does anyone know if this ROM is still being developed? I gave this ROM with my old phone to my girlfriend and she was wondering if there is a fix for the mic delay and/or the camera fps with recording? Other than that it's super stable and a great daily driver.

Last i heared was Sandvold needing some personal time. I hope he will be devving some more on this rom, as it has some other issues too. If you didnt deleted the play store, please do, as next time the phone shuts down, u wont get it running again and you will be forced to reflash. I temporarily switched to a 4.2.1 rom, but not happy with it. Hoping for an update from Sandvold!

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Nov 2, 2012
No not yet. I just hope sandvold didnt leave us. There are a couple of quick fixes, read from about page 1660. Thats where ppl start to post the problem. Fixes will be there too. I just removed my play store to keep my phone working. But thats annoying too sometimes.

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Jun 26, 2008
Has anyone found a good way to fix Google Play?

This one did the trick for me : http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=34429350&postcount=16768
Use the quote source for the version without a2sd.

I also heard you can directly change the apk in the rom zip for an easy install but I didn't try.

Anyway now I got rid of boot loop and have a2sd and google play working.
My phone is still crashing randomly (full freeze, have to remove batteries), this phone is slowly starting to get on my nerves and my batteries are almost dead.
I'm probably gonna jump on the LG nexus 4, well assuming they restock it soon.


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Nov 2, 2012
This one did the trick for me : http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=34429350&postcount=16768
Use the quote source for the version without a2sd.

I also heard you can directly change the apk in the rom zip for an easy install but I didn't try.

Anyway now I got rid of boot loop and have a2sd and google play working.
My phone is still crashing randomly (full freeze, have to remove batteries), this phone is slowly starting to get on my nerves and my batteries are almost dead.
I'm probably gonna jump on the LG nexus 4, well assuming they restock it soon.

Well, i finally took the time to insert the hacked play store apk into the zip and installed from scratch. So far, this worked great! So if you are willing to wipe ur phone, try this!

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Jun 26, 2008
Well, i finally took the time to insert the hacked play store apk into the zip and installed from scratch. So far, this worked great! So if you are willing to wipe ur phone, try this!

I'm going to try this.

By the way, I tried to use a2sd to be able to install things and when rebooting (not the 1st time) I got stuck in a bootloop :(. Any idea on how I could fix this ? I can live with a phone randomly rebooting but a phone not booting isn't that useful ^^'.


Oct 19, 2012
y phone works without problems, but the store does not work, or crashes, or pulls up to 100% and the new begins. It is fairly annoying, but do not mind too much, but no supermarket = it's not android. How do I fix this?


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Sep 7, 2010
I was going nuts with the bootloops. After lots of image backups/restores, I finally found that PlayStore was causing the boot loop, and then found here everyone else having the same problem. According to previous solutions, I could kill and delete the broken PlayStore, but had some problems to install the new PlayStore because of the packages.xml having previous signature.

This is what I came as my complete solution:

During the boot loop, I just send these commands from adb:

• adb remount
• adb shell rm -r /data/data/com.android.vending
• adb shell rm -r /data/data/com.android.vending.updater
• adb shell rm -r /sd-ext/app/Vending*.apk
• adb shell rm -r /sd-ext/app/MarketUpdater*.apk
• adb shell rm -r /system/app/com.android.vending*.apk
• adb shell rm -r /sd-ext/app/com.android.vending*.apk
• adb pull /data/system/packages.xml

In a few moments the bootloop will stop and boot will go on.

While boot goes on you can open the downloaded packages.xml in a text editor:
• Search for: name="com.android.vending"
• You'll find a "package" block, and an "updated-package" block.
• Remove both blocks (from the start up to the closing tag)

Now go on with putting back the packages.xml, putting new Play Store apk, clearing cache and rebooting:

• adb push packages.xml /data/system/packages.xml
• adb shell chmod 664 /data/system/packages.xml
• adb shell rm -r /system/app/Vending*.apk
• adb shell rm -r /system/app/MarketUpdater*.apk
• adb uninstall com.android.vending.updater (dont know if necessary)
• adb push "D:\path-to\Vending-3.8.15.noupdate.norestrictions.dpi240.apk" /system/app/Vending.apk
• adb shell chmod 644 /system/app/Vending.apk
• adb shell rm /data/dalvik-cache/*com.android.vending*
• adb shell rm /data/dalvik-cache/*MarketUpdater.apk*
• adb shell rm /data/dalvik-cache/*Vending.apk*
• Some people tell you to clear dalvik-cache... Dont think it's necessary... that would be adb shell rm /data/dalvik-cache/*
• adb reboot

Hope it works for everyone as it worked for me. :)

PS: Please note that as other have said, apks may be installed in different locations ...

Ive done this but when the play store starts downloading it crashes. Any idea what i could do?

edit: i was wrong. i used the edited version and these two steps caused the error:
• adb push "D:\path-to\Vending-3.8.15.noupdate.norestrictions.dpi240.apk" /sd-ext/app/com.android.vending-1.apk
• adb shell chmod 644 /sd-ext/app/com.android.vending-1.apk
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Dec 28, 2010
use system remover to uninstall the play now.
it's no any other problem.

then you will find a app market to install of google play.
it's all.


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Feb 21, 2012
I changed my phone and got the problem when I updated the old phone for my wife to use.

I may have lost the original rom zip file and when I tried to download it again I get a page that is not going to the download link (it's not what it was). Has the download site gone?

Also is there a solution that doesn't involve losing Google play?

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Nov 24, 2009
Sorry that I've been totally inactive. Just needed to stop when I got a new job. Had no time, and it seemed the development of JB was going good, so didn't see much point in continuing the ICS work. But it's good to see that ppl are still enjoying it. If anyone want to use this as a base just do whateever you want:)


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Jan 3, 2013
Is camera and recording working on this rom?

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Sorry that I've been totally inactive. Just needed to stop when I got a new job. Had no time, and it seemed the development of JB was going good, so didn't see much point in continuing the ICS work. But it's good to see that ppl are still enjoying it. If anyone want to use this as a base just do whateever you want:)

Thnx for the freedom.. :) Honestly I was hoping for a comeback from sandvold.. But I totally understand your situation.. Good luck with the job and thanks for all the work you put in developing for the bravo..



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Nov 2, 2012
This was an epic rom sandvold, but the lack of a descent play store was really bringing it down. Anyhoo, it was time to move on. And nikez is a great developer too. I am currently on his 4.2.2 rom. But, knowing how u did a great job on ics, i will definitly switch to a jb rom from you. If you find the time to develop, ofcourse. Its good to have you back dude. And i am looking forward to see more work from you :)

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  • 782

    Made for ALL HBOOT

    For the newest and more organized info click here

    Added donate button, I use far to much time on this atm so if you want to make a contribution then please do.

    New phone (old one broke again) and new build computer, hopefully things will go better now!

    Beta v0.18.2
    Full ROM
    Bug reports will just be accepted by full wipe

    Plz don't post links to other mirrors

    Please visit ONE (not more) when you visit the site
    Ad blockers is not nice:)

    Also you can visit both:
    And I might get some more ad money:)

    To finish the supercharger script run the attached file

    To activate the built in a2sd:
    open terminal and run these commands:
    a2sd install

    To move dalvik cache do:
    a2sd cachesd

    Recommended way to answer Y N Y

    What's not working:
    FM Radio (install this if you want it)

    [B]What's working:[/B]
    Full hwa
    Usb tethering
    USB mass storage
    Camera+preview+panorama + video working
    Stable 3G
    Gmail sync + calendar working with gmail
    SD read/write
    All sensors
    Picaza sync
    Fixed permissions (3rd party apps that needed maps now works)
    Native A2SD (can flash other scripts)
    HW accelration
    Wifi tether 
    Data usage tracker
    Video streaming and playback 
    Extended powermenu
    Market with payed apps

    v0.18.2.1      /17.09/
    Fixed typo so int2ext is working
    v0.18.2      /17.09/
    Google Now should be fixed (was symlinked wrong)
    Dk_zero m2sd should work
    Changing themes should work
    Eeverted some build.prop, another try to fix 3g/wifi
    Added cronmods int2ext and int2ext+
    v0.18.1      /06.09/
    Trebuchet updated
    Superuser fixed
    build.prop changes for new RIL
    RIL from Beta 0.8.1 (same as MIUI and is reported to work with 3g/wifi)
    New kernel (not that much different just built from newest sources)
    You can search for networks again
    v0.18         /03.09/
    LOADS of RIL changes, not sure how big differeence it will be, but need feedback on signal, 3g etc.
    Fixed Google Now so Voice Search work
    Removed skipbrokendatacall, which some reports say helps on wifi/3g issue
    Updated SU
    Fixed so you can search for signal again.
    Added Dk_zeros mount2sd script
    v0.17.1.1   /29.08/
    Readded the int2sd (might be unstable)
    Went back to an old T9 version to see if that fixes the prob
    v0.17.1      /29.08/
    Tried fixing T9, did some changes in updater-script as I had the same version as the one working
    Fixed build.prop so that freezes might stop, thx for helping out on that
    Updated Nova and Apex
    Fixed Amarullz and updated it
    And two more things that i forgot:P 
    v0.17          /27.08/
    Removed Int2SD, old one wasn't working properly, fix I got from Proz0r ended with bootloop.
    Fixed amarullz and other a2sd options that was "borked"
    Google Now is now standard and only choice because of installation issues..
    Supercharger removed for stability.
    Tried to fix that the phone stopped responding
    Another go on the 3g/wifi issue (hard for me to confirm since I don't have the problem myself)
    A bunch of stability fixes in source
    v0.16.1        /03.08/
    Fixed Searching for network + 3g/wifi
    Added int2sd (thx noonamer)
    Smoothness fixes
    Updated to a working T9 dialer hopefully
    Fixed an error in updater script that made supercharger install when you chose T9
    Fixed Google Now (wasn't included in last version for some reason) and some other bugs with Google Now in updated script
    v0.16           /01.08/
    A lot of small changes, mainly stability
    Prepared for the int2sd script for proz0r. It's added but don't work. Can't be chosen.
    Same for sullier. If anyone want to have a look on this then great:)
    Also changed bootanimation.
    New changes for trying to fix the wifi/3g issue
    v0.15.0.1     /04.07/
    Fixed installation so amarullz app to sd script works again
    Added the quicksearchbox from jellybean
    v0.15     /03.07/
    Made ready for Int2SD is added, diffent a2sd option for those who wonder / not working yet (thx Proz0r)*
    Added the build.prop fix for 3g not turning on after wifi
    Updated Play Store to the JB version.
    Fixed bootanimation
    Cleaned up honeycomb lockscreen
    Finishing touches to androidan theme
    Toolbox and Themes removed from app drawer: Now through settings
    Revert some linaro patches to try to fix some bugs
    Some requests are also implemented:
    Notification toolbox now QwikWidgets with easier widget reordering
    Long press back to kill apps
    Trackball Alert Patch to custom colors using lihermits app
    v0.14     /28.06/
    Camcorder is working, native omx encoding is working.
    I've been lucky and can somehow play my recorded videos but reports say that it shouldn't do that.
    Issues: video is capped at 15fps so it is a little choppy, recorded video is rotated 90 degrees
    Usb tether is working, not 100% native, using a motorola tethering apk that runs in the background, but for the regular user no difference then regular tethering. (same as cm uses btw)
    New options in evtoolbox
    Moved stk.apk to system/app partition as it didn't work properly for cm7r2
    v0.13.1  /16.06/
    Fixed missing keyboard for data++
    v0.13     /15.06/
    Based on the linero toolchain (should give better performance, but need testing)
    Fixed more space for data++
    Added new adhoc (need testing)
    Fixed bad wifi from last release
    Added some stuff in build.prop (thx dk_zero, mms might work as in his ROM now)
    Removed both dhcpd choice from aroma
    *This release is mainly for testing out the linero toolchain, that's why it's missing some improvments. I need to know if I should continue on this or if I should go back to google before I use more time fixing camera and usb tether etc.
    v0.12     /11.06/
    Not many major changes for us:
    probably 200+ new commits here. Vast majority do not concern Desire. but thought it was worth mentioning
    bump IMM76L
    surfaceflinger hacks: make ui smoother (error in makefile prevented them from being turned on before) 
    Added Dk_zero's script to stop bsod while charging
    Also removed shaky's kernel as that causes the most problems.
    Camera seems broken (video only)/ Will try fix it asap
    v0.11     /03.06/
    lockscreen 'wave' animations will follow re the unlock around (not just go right)
    180 degree (upsidedown) rotation support
    kernel updated: kgslv3.8, tiny rcu optimizations, autogroup, bfqv3r2, smartassv2, armv7 changes from caf (only stock kernel)
    newer adreno libs: in combination with kernel updates should make ui noticeably smoother (same as for tiamat/shaky kernel)
    updated cli tools: htop v.9, busybox updated 1.20.1, a2sd cleanup: checkext should work better.
    Did fix some errors in updater script
    Hopefully fixed "patched" gmaps (give wrong msg in aroma tough, havn't tested it)
    Updated gapps
    Did a "fix" on shaky's kernel that MIGHT solve BSOD while charging, not during regular use!
    And quite a few things more that I forgot to write down before my PC crashed once again
    v0.10.1   /28.05/
    Fixed an error in build.prop that might have caused problems
    Fixed supercharger v6 so it works.
    This also stops reboot when installing apps
    Updated kernel, a test kernel based on tiamat. Seems BSOD free!
    v0.10      /26.05/
    Readded a choice for stable kernel (old hwa)
    Using the same adrenos as in 0.8 instead of 0.9, (increases bootime, but more stable)
    Freed more space for cm7r2 + data++ to ensure no space issues
    Gallery and panorama should now work for cm7r2
    Some minor fixing with scripts
    Slow wifi download is resolved for me at least
    Based on a newer evervolv build (thx shaky)
    Most of these changes isn't that effectful because camera didn't work out of the box so to get camera working then I had to "sacrifise" some of the new stuff. Nothing major and will give a detailed list later.
    In one of the 3 installs I did my market was borked. Rebooted each time I downloaded an app. This was fixed by reflashing (with wipe)
    **Seems it's supercharger that causes the problem, so avoid it this version
    v0.9        /22.05/
    Boot time improved
    Removed sullier script and battery mod for now (will return when kernel is stable)
    Also will delete those scripts at install
    Updated drewis kernel
    Updated shaky's kernel (Stock and strongly recommended)
    Tried once again to fix gallery + maps issue for cm7r2 and data++
    Some more things
    v0.8.1      /18.05/
    Two new kernels added one from shaky (stock)
    and one from Drewis. 
    They are based on different sources so havn't had time testing both properly but 
    KGSL: update from hacked 3.7 -> pure caf 3.8
    BFQ: update v2 -> v3r1 CPUFREQ: ondemand: updates from caf and shaky156 MISC: updates from caf (mainly to build new ksgl); 
    Added the newest adreno libs
    Added sulliers script which is a "New" cpu scaling
    Fixed some permissions
    Oh and added some theme changer (some evervolv thing) not very useful tbh
    Patch isn't a 100% full update but it's close so if you only want to patch 0.7 that's fine.
    [B]Patch + full ROM [/B]
    Camera is now fully working (all features, it's still possible with improvent)
    Youtube is also working as stock. To get stock videoplayback flash [url=http://w289670.open.ge.tt/1/files/8U5MlhH/0/blob?download]this[/url] (unstable) Use MxPlayer instead 
    [B]Full ROM only[/B]
    Updated toby_d's kernel
    Based on a newer build so a few more minor changes (wipe also recommended)
    browser features (incognito / max tabs)
    notification toolbox brightness widget fixes
    kernel update: sleep of death seems resolved, built inline with googles gcc per*[url]https://github.com/Evervolv/android_kernel_htc_qsd8k[/url]
    camera fixes (rapmv78)
    Updated gapps
    Freed up some space for data++ (tell me if you need more space)
    Added batterymod (with kernel panic, might be really unstable!)
    Readded ad-hoc wifi as an option in aroma (have been unstable for me)
    Barcode scanner + panorama should work
    Video recorder doesn't work stock, but something like [url=https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.androidillusion.videocamillusion&feature=search_result]this[/url] does
    Should also have less FC notifications now.
    Removed 1 of the two gallery apks
    As always some more stuff that I forgot
    v0.6.1.1       /27.04/
    Youtube fix is now choosable from Aroma (issues with codec)
    Motorola launcher is updated (ONLY WORKS ON STOCK HBOOT)
    dhpcd (Wifi) is fixed. 
    Fixed so Data++ have enough space
    Think I forgot to add that long wallpapers works now, fixed a while ago but forgot to tell:p 
    Also one more thing but I forgot was what:) 
    v0.6.1          /26.04/
    Nikez updater with ad is removed (just battery drain and didn't work anyway)
    Fixed Youtube
    Finaly fixed barcode scanner
    Updated and fixed hopefully the hacked gmaps
    Added tobby_d's kernel with more governors
    Added motorola launcher
    Added a updated camera.hal to aroma (havn't tested this out much, might be camera + barcode)
    Some more stuff I forgot to write up
    v0.6             /14.04/
    There is from this version an ad app included (it can be removed with aroma (nikezupdaterapp))
    It will notify you may once a day with a notification. If you don't want this then remove it with:
    Customize and under nikezupdater
    Bulgarian keylayout, Dutch dictionary added
    working google backup/restore (RMerlin)
    Volwake/music controls can now be used concurrenly
    battery percent icon by default
    lockscreen sound toggle icon now updates properly
    bluetooth tethering (untested)
    attempt to resolve auto button backlights being too bright in low light
    audio files have been restructured. you might have to reset your ringtone / notification settings (not needed if you wipe)
    kernel update sha/memcpy optimizations one ondemand gov update (per*Drewis's wip19 branch)(been using for a week with no issues)
    Updated gapps.
    Also tried to fix so yiou can install unstable cam (barcode scanner) and hacked gmaps.
    And as usuall a couple of small things which I forgot:) 
    v.0.5.4         /11.04/
    Hopefully added the right barcode scanner libs
    Fixed aroma (build.prop)
    Once again added AOKP dict 
    Adde regolus.ogg (notifcation sound)
    Updated nikezupdater
    Updated google maps
    Fixed compass google maps
    In aroma:
    Added modified mms.apk (can send more the 3 sms)
    Added the possibility to remove NikezUpdater 
    Added hacked gmaps for those wanting that
    Added Smooth Scolling + more volume steps patch
    Added supercharger script
    v.0.5.3         /07.04/
    Video encoding is somewhat working, have had reports that panorama is also working (might need newest/the unstable camera to work)
    Barcode scanner option should now work
    dhpcd issue should be solved again
    More space cm7r2
    v.0.5.2         /06.04/
    Old cam (without barcode) will be standard
    finish merge for omx in framework (still not working, falls back to sw)
    Fixed the build.prop (will sort many application issues) 
    Updated nova + apex launcher
    Finaly fixed it so you can manually search for provider
    Added to Aroma:
    -T9 dialer
    -added the latinime from AOKP (more dicitonaries)
    -added autobrightness patch (Had to disable in this version, just bootloops )
    -Option to choose checkjni=1 in build.prop (someone said this fixed some apps issue I reommend stock) 
    I also did a few other small things that I've forgotten, nothing important
    v.0.5.1         /30.03/ FULL ROM
    Really small change, no need for those on 0.5
    Only fixed the dhcpcd issue from last release
    v.0.5            /30.03/ FULL ROM (wipe recommended)
    Upgraded to 4.0.4 version 
    Added two more options to aroma:
    - One is to choose camera without barcode scanner (more stable)
    - Another one is to chose dhcpcd (shouldn't mather for 99% of the users. If you don't know what it is then just stay on recommended)
    v.0.4.5         /29.03/ FULL ROM
    update to gralloc/hwcomposer (slightly smoother)
    enable singlepdp ril feature. (should allow easier apn switching)
    Locates timezone automatically
    omx libs included. native hw assisted video not complete in framework (although youtube hq now utilizes the adsp heap, so that progress)
    wifi: eap pwd support
    mms: misc updates
    stock kernel rebuild with xz compressed 
    Trebuchet launcher should be updated.
    Did another attempt on fixing amarullz for cm7r2
    Edit, doesn't work will patch later:
    barcode scanning should work(tested w/ google goggles) (panorama, video have issues, also there is a memory leak, leaving the camera app open for 2+min will cause OOM to kill the system server possible causing a reboot)
    v0.     /24.03/ PATCH
    Multitouch is working, issues with gmaps is gone etc (thx thoemy)
    Sorry for the longest name ever but had to fix graphic issues again:/
    v0.4.4.3      /24.03/ PATCH + FULL ROM
    If you still got graphic issues after then install this
    All build.prop changes should now be reverted so there is no reason why graphic issues should occur
    Full ROM is also available for those who want that.
    v0.4.4.2      /23.03/ PATCH ONLY
    v0.4.4.1      /23.03/ Patch  or full ROM. If you are on 0.4.4 only install patch
    Cam preview is now working
    Adhoc support is updated
    Some changes in build.prop that should increase performance.
    v.0.4.4        /14.03/Wipe recommended
    Kernel choices should now work.
    +added newest tiamat kernel
    Amarullz for cm7r2 is now working
    Oxygen data2sd is added to aroma.
    Mute should now work in call.
    Other sound issues such as soundhound should be fixed. 
    + some other small fixes
    v.0.4.3        /13.03/ Wipe needed
    The Black freezes should have been stopped
    Many small changes/optimizations
    Seems smoother then earlier
    Updated Apex and Nova launcher
    Updated market and music to play
    Updated amarullz (should work better for cm7r2)
    You can now choose between 3 kernels (I'm going to stick with stock)
    Rewrote aroma script so ppl that won't get hboot recognized can now choose manually.
    More options in evtoolbox + all settings should now work
    youtube standard def clips shouldnt stutter (color banding still happens)
    evtoolbox: statusbar icons: battery % mod from mongoosehelix
    standalone powerwidgets from preludedrew
    v.     /01.03/
    -sound/mic fixed from 4.2
    -boot issue fixed from 4.2
    -dhcp         fixed from 4.2
    Updated Amarullz a2sd
    + some other small things
    v0.4.2         /29.02/
    Phone should not lockup anymore when rotating display. Landscape mode is still strange, status bar is rendered halfway off screen...but only when rotating right...going left its fine
    Moved to cayniarbs stock(ish) kernel with my kgsl commits and ksm/zram backported from 3.0
    EVtoolbox: new menu 'performance' control zram(aka compcache) and ksm, both disabled by default. ksm will reduce memory overhead by 10-15mb with minimal cpu usage (0-1%). ive read that ksm likes to have swap (10% zram should be enough) but*youll have to experiment and see. also added 'processor' menu (also from cm) to view/control cpu stats.
    Apps2sd: support moving /data/data, (run 'a2sd install' again and choose y when asked about appdata) im still wary of how to handle wipes when appdata2sd is active. so ive added two functions to a2sd: 'nodatasd' which removes appdata2sd flag and optionally removes the appdata from sdcard and 'nosysdata' which removes only the system appdata (ie anything starting with com.android) from the sdcard
    Browser: i revised hwcomposer. redering is faster < 1 to 2 secs max under heavy scrolling
    Rebooting issues should be resovled
    Added /system/etc/sysctl.conf to set various vm values. Feel free to modify to your liking
    Updated both Nova and Apex launchers
    Camera preview is still broke.
    v0.4.1.5      /21.02/
    Removed Soft-keys
    Removed the modded mms
    Updated Amarullz
    Added my new "notification" application
    Fixed alot of errors in updater-script
    Data++ now has YouTube
    cm7r2 now has YouTube
    Talk should work and exist in all hboot versions
    .. And so on
    v0.4.1.4      /17.02/
    Reverted Calendar due to an issue.
    Edited updater-script to work properly
    Moved Bootanimation to free up space for cm7r2.
    Reverted Google Talk aswell.
    v0.4.1.1     /16.02/
    Sorted contact sync. 
    Removed setup wizard because of FC issues.
    v0.4.1       /16.02/
    kernel update: 32bit color (fixes gradient backgrounds)
    hwcomposer: rewrote from scratch for qsd8k. (main fix is screen off animation)
    statusbar: new toolbox, settings button back to opening settings (swipe to change screens). notifications back to stock behavior. toolbox can even be turned off in evtoolbox
    browser: slowed rendering, (fuzzy text takes a few seconds to clear up) is much faster now. (1-2 sec instead of 4-5)
    Added aGPS as a option instead
    Updated gapps.
    known issues:
    reboots under heavy load, it seems this is an out of memory error: ics seems to be a huge memory hog now that opengl is enabled. can be partially remedied by using a large swap partiton (i set mine at 256mb and haven't had a reboot since) or you can try setting 0 swap and see what happens. ive also changed a couple dalvik-heap properties but im still investigating work arounds and/or a fix.
    removed omx libs due to build error (just use the ones from p8 if you really want them)
    rotation still broke, seems to lockup the most on the home screen.
    and everything else that was broke in 0.4.0RC5
    v0.4.0RC5  /15.02/
    Fixed most of the coloring issues
    The modded mms.apk now work (choice in Aroma)
    Data ++ have their own optimized installation
    v0.4.0RC3  /14.02/
    Small fixes:
    Small change build.prop
    Changed some dhcpd stuff (no major changes)
    Fixed so you can manually search for provider.
    added aGPS fix, report if this makes gps worse.
    Added back the setup wizard at first boot.
    The big changes is that we included a touch based installer which gives you possibility to customize the ROM. [B]Don't request things to be added in this forum.[/B] If you want make a post in desire general and I'll drop by from time to time. If there is a lot of nagging I'll just remove the whole thing.
    What you can do:
    It automatically finds your hboot and sorts the ROM accordingly.
    Choose launcher (stock, nova, apex and trebuchet)
    Choose a2sd scripts (stock, amarullz, regular a2sd, dalvik2sd)
    Choose if you want softkeys
    Choose if you want mms.apk that doesn't convert more then 3 sms to mms.
    There is of course a typical installation, that keeps everything as the stock ROM is.
    v.0.4.0RC1 /11.02/
    First of expect bugs, [url=http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=22243503&postcount=1968]read here[/url]
    Two changes only
    Back to the old camera libs (from 3.9)
    FULL HW:)
    v0.3.10    /09.02/
    Better camera (thx again rapmv78)
    Barcode scanner now works
    Speed tweak is no longer needed, think I've found the best setting and that's included in the ROM
    Rom is now possible to download through ROM manager
    v0.3.9      /03.02/
    Much smoother
    Maybe better battery (havn't done long time testing)
    [url=http://www.sandvold.as/download.htm]EXPERIMENTAL SPEED TWEAK[/url] (flashable)
    v0.3.8.1   /31.01/
    Fixed TTS
    v0.3.8 /31.01/   (no wipe needed)
    Panorama mode works for camera
    (but colours is off) THX rapmv78
    Gallery should work better
    v.0.3.7  /30.01/ (go get calendar full wipe is needed)
    Gapps updated (4.0.3 calendar)
    camera libs now built from source.
    autobrightness should be working better
    changes in airplanemode functionality
    Fixed error is last release:
    Phone don't think it's a tablet anymore, so market is fully working
    Added the missing google maps permissions
    Smoother framework
    Ad hoc wifi support
    Removed maps (install from market) Changed some stuff so shouldn't be problems with FC's anymore.
    Better working MMS app (larger resolution on pics)
    v0.3.4  (I havn't had time testing it, will post at high speed mirror after some reports)
    lockscreen: can choose whatever you want for the actions in evtoolbox (i'll fix up the "waves" for next time)
     evtoolbox: lockscreen stuff - new submenu: interface with tbwake toggle (this was a fucing ***** to make work), vol wake, vol music contols moved here. - sixbar signal toggle in statusbar menu
     camera: newer libs from rapmv78 for video
     a2sd: added 'checkext' to fix errors on sd-ext partition (you dont need to run this...its already being done on every boot)
    Now possible to automatically and manually search for provider.
     kernel: revert to p4 version
    The ICS quicksearch
     Exchange calendar sync
     Better video recording (less choppy)
     Better working modules
     Gtalk works better
    Working adb
    v0.3.2 (if errors, then do a full wipe)
    Fixed up some issues with last build:
    Sync works again
    Video recording work
    Fixed some FC's
    Added the startup setup
    (everything works as stated, no issues so far with this release)
    Just a small update:
    Paid apps on market didin't work
    Removed one of the quicksearch apps
    Hopefully fixed vpn
    -notification toolbox: tap settings icon to switch between, long press to open settings
     -lockscreen: volumebutton music control
     -lockscreen: nullpointerexception soft reboot issue resolved
     -kernel: rebuild based on latest from tiamat
     -6barsignal: new drawables
     -camera: rapmv78 libs
     -launcher2: a couple options like hide search bar (there are a few options in the launcher settings that dont do anything yet, the only working opiton is hide search bar)
     -UMS: should properly detect plug/unplug events now (this is where the wipe is recommended if its not working for you, its cause the old not working settings are saved)
     -misc: new bootanimation from Bexton
     -latinime: more dictionaries 
     -apps2sd: rewrote for more awesomeness
    -Removed Trebuchet
    -Trackpad works, even Wake
    -No reboot when homesreen is in landscape mode and pressing power button
    Changes from Evervolv:
    Video recording added.
    Added modules for Tiamat Kernel (cifs etc)
    Fixed market.
    Newer gapps (and better working ones)
    Added Youtube app
    USB mass storage should work partially (only when you have phone connected at boot)
    Much better camera (thx rampv)
        - more stable
        - can take several pics without freezing
        - zoom work
        - also some settings does
        - pictures takes less space
    Based on the newest evervolv release (4.0.3)(Thx drewis)
    Everything that have worked earlier should still work!
    Changes from the evervolv release:
    Added partially working camera
    Fixed market so you can download payed apps.
    Includes both regular launcher and trebuchet so you can choose yourself.
    Updated all the gapps in the evervolv release to the newest ones i could find.
    + a few other tweaks so everything was working as it did on this build before
    Very minor update, added the libEGL.so from 1.3 to the 1.2 build suppose to increase performance.
    Market is till updated to 3.4.4
    v.0.1.3 *for ppl that are really interested in testing/not a big difference from 0.1.2
    New HW hack
    No more errors in logcat
    Market updated to 3.4.4
    New HW hack (increased speed up + 150 points in quadrant)
    Added trackpad (not tp2wake)
    New bootanimation
    Set roaming to disable at first boot
    Sorted some permissions
     Updated kernel, backported wifi driver from 3.0 kernel
    Native wifi tethering is now working
    Signal bars for cell coverage might work (not tested properly)
    New framework
    Cleaned up the build  (seems faster)
    Moved back to tristans kernel 
            -better speed and battery hopefully) 
    Fixed sound issue
    Removed Darktremor apps2sd (flash it if you want)
    Added bootanimation
    Removed apps that gave errors under update
    Fixed wifi problems for some
    Updated gapps to v.5.1
    Market now works also for payed apps
    More codecs are working for video.
    Data tracker and limit is now fully working
    Updated HW hack to the newest one from HD2
    All in one zip, (su, kernel, ROM and darktremo a2sd)
    A2sd (Darktremor)  NEED EXT2 or EXT3
    Live wallpapers added
    Wifi fixed for those having issues with that.  
    Init.d should be fully working
    Extended PowerMenu
    Some other CM9 tweaks
    *data tracker is not working because of changes done to implement init.d (didn't have time to readd it)
    Added data user tracker, partial fix
    Fixed video playback (added youtube.apk)
    Enabled wifi tether (use barnacle)
    Bluetooth is fixed
    Added GoogleBackup files so it's now working.
    Stable 3G! no more issues (might need to add APN if it don't find it automatically)
    Kernel is needed for headphones, gps and compass.
    App2sd ( the stock included not app2sd+ or app2ext)
    Might need to flash kernel afterwards
    Fixed headphone (edited kernel)
    Fixed market issue
    But BT is gone, it's a kernel issue. Working on it.
    Fixed all sensors
    Changed kernel
    Fixed BT
    GPS now should work for everyone
    Added picaza sync
    Sorted permissions for 3rd party apps that needed maps
    Small change
    Added new gmail
    Calendar now syncing with gmail account
    BT seems to have been unstable all the time, so is now listed as not working (sorry about that)
    Sound works flawlessly, no errors whatsoever.
    Should boot for everyone now without any extra flashing
    3G works
    MUCH faster
    Permanently fix for Wifi
    Gapps added
    cm7r2 option is removed because build is to big, data++ works atm
    -Removed softbuttons

    If you want to help then we have a IRC room on irc.freenode.com #ics_desire_nexus_dev so feel free to join. But it's not a request or support forum. Spamming stupid questions will get you banned

    Thanks to:
    Sharky153 (DHD), drewis (N1), Chaosz-X, DJ_Jedi, Nikez, Raphael, SamStorer, Chichoko, Vaporizer, andreigherghe, Tristan202, fused, rootSU, Tafkardarso, gubacsek, coutts99, Bexton (USB app), rapmv78, KuliX, Evervolv team and probably alot more
    Contact the CEO of qualcomm

    Hi it looks like HW acc wil be hard to fix without the source/or help from qualcomm.
    We've already started a thread on dev.qualcomm.com plz post there as well.

    I doubt that will make any difference but everything should be tried.

    I now propose that we all send a mail to the CEO of Qualcomm. I'm gonna copy the first post in the thread (it's very well written), which either can be copied as it is. Or you can write your own personal email (might be a good idea cause he'll probably mark the subject as spam after a bunch of requests)

    Email address of the ceo [email protected]

    Subject: QSD 8250, Adreno 200 hardware-related proprietary libraries for hardware graphics acceleration

    As a mobile devices enthusiast, I am here to ask Qualcomm to be a real community oriented company.

    You are well aware of hardware accelerated UI in the Android 4.0 ICS, that relies heavily on GPU of device. Google, with its AOSP has decided not support Nexus One and related devices. As a user community, we have long stopped relying on HTC and Google to support the devices - this is now a community effort, that brings joy to millions, and is a true development pass time for many.

    Since the ICS source outing, many community projects have been started to bring the new platform to older devices, but all of them (for devices based on this and similiar platforms) are missing the proprietary user space drivers, needed for the Hardware Acceleration to work.

    I believe it would be a great move for a company like Qualcomm to support advanced users and entusiast in their efforts to port the ICS to Adreno 200 based devices.

    I sincerely hope you will at least consider this request and decide to support the community - the same community that with their enthusiasm helped to make the smartphone market what it is today.

    Take into account that we do not ask for much, it just a set of compiled binaries that you surelly have already, or are easy for you to make. We do not expect you to support the release, or do bugfixes. It would be even better if you could supply the source code - but lets not push it too far :)

    Best Regards
    Btw will not even start to waste time on porting jb.

    But when the source is out the work begins;)

    Sent from my HTC Desire using XDA
    First of all, sorry for not updating for a long time. I've pretty much just been taking a holiday, just needed to put deving on hold for a while. Plus I've been working some on JB.

    I'm still going to update ICS, at least until JB is better working and releases should be much more frequent then it was in July.

    Anyway, now I'm back. New release is up.
    Mainly it's a lot of stability fixes.

    And please click a link when visiting the blog/site even though I havn't updated in far to long!
    One more thing. If it's a big demand for nightlys this isn't a problem, but don't expect any major fixes. If there is a major fix we'll release a new build anyway. We usually get at least one or two small fixes each day, but they are not "big" enough for justifying a new build (and excite a lot of guys).

    I got the fixes anyway so it's not a big deal or a lot of work to release possible nightlys, only time it takes is to update the updater-script + uploading. Making just update.zip is alot more work, so cba doing that.

    If this is really wanted then just thank me on this post and I'll see if the interest is big enough.