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[BETA][5.1.1] CyanogenMod 12.1 by tank0412 [A500CG][A501CG]

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    Bug list:
    • GPS & FM

    What is working:
    • Media (IT IS FIXED) But Youtube can be dead
    • Audio (IT IS FIXED)
    • RIL (baseband) (IT IS FIXED)
    • Touchscreen xD
    • Image decoding
    • MTP
    • Webview
    • Camera
    • Sensors
    • Houdini
    • Wi-FI

    Rom features:
    • It was build from fresh CM12.1 source (November stagefright patch is included)
    • I used proprietary files from WW
    • I used device tree by quanganh2627 for building so this way community will get all fixes
    • Custom kernel which was built from X Anwar sources so it has underclock, DT2W, million governors and i/o stuff.

    How to flash it:

    Step 1:
    You should download files for flashing:
    File with CM12.1 rom:
    Google Drive
    ADB v1.0.32: Download from Google Drive
    TWRP recovery by quanganh2627 (new December build): Download from Google Drive
    Step 2:
    1) Unpack archive with ADB and put TWRP image there.
    2) Copy file with rom and gapps to internal/external memory of your phone.
    3) Then you should reboot your phone in the droidboot mode. (turn off you gadget then press Turn off button and volume + button)
    Then go to the ADB folder and hold Shift + Right Mouse button and write this command:
    fastboot flash recovery new-zen5-reco.img
    Then you should reboot your phone in the recovery mode. (turn off you gadget then press Turn off button and volume - button)
    Step 3:
    Then you phone will reboot in the recovery. In the recovery you should instal package with rom.
    Step 4:
    After flashing, you should format (not wipe) data and cache in the TWRP.
    Then you should reboot to system.
    Bug reporting:​
    Attach logcat and detailed describe the issue. Send this to me (tank0412)
    @quanganh2627 (i used his device tree for building)

    But you can use my kernel only without any problems.

    XDA:DevDB Information
    CyanogenMod 12.1 by tank0412, ROM for the Asus Zenfone 5

    Source Code: https://github.com/tank0412/android_device_asus_a500cg-1

    ROM OS Version: 5.1.x Lollipop
    ROM Kernel: Linux 3.10.x
    ROM Firmware Required: Unlocked bootloader
    Based On: CM

    Version Information
    Status: Beta
    Current Beta Version: 2.3
    Beta Release Date: 2016-03-16

    Created 2016-01-04
    Last Updated 2016-03-21
    Trying to update Stagefright patch
    Re-add Google Camera
    Fixing writing to external memory card using Pixelmaster Camera.
    Apply vibrator.patch by @quanganh2627
    Re-add camera app

    P.S. I applyed patch but i do not know is it work. (hardware of vibrator is dead on my phone)
    Camera was fixed so it can make video without any problem
    More fixes for media
    Audio was fixed
    Media was fixed (but you can have few troubles with Youtube)
    Using blobs files from WW V3.24.40.87
    And more
    DT2W was enabled
    Unsuccessful attempt to totally fix Camera
    Unsuccessful attempt to fix audio & media
    Anyway, i am working on it.
    Latest fixes from quanganh2627s repo were applyed (commit #b953942e748b4d88f27b202abfc318dbd49161ea)
    Using fresh CM12.1 source
    Minor fixes and improvements for audio, (i built libtinycompress and libtinyalsa libs from source, but audio is stay partly dead.)
    Removed trash from Asus stock (only Asus Camera is included)
    A tonn tweaks by @TecnoTailsPlays was added. (commit #56f91ca1fd3dc3e58d02d48b136a97c3a62567a1 )
    Initial release
    Thanks for this. I assume this is compiled from the latest source code (as of 2016-01-03), right?
    Would you mind putting this on the OP, especially when you has an update version in the future.
    I haven't tried this rom, waiting for audio fixed.

    One thing that I don't understand, I see other offical cm12.1 rom size is about 250MB, but why zen5 get double size?
    Firstly, I thought we will get a very small minimum rom size but it seems not that much different to Asus stock (after remove bloatware).

    I could not download latest CM source so it was built from October source.
    Many trash from Asus stock were added by quanganh2627's device tree.
    I agree that this trash must be removed.
    He has no right to even prevent you from doing a remake as you did to build the knone ... You can use the will
    Ok. Lets dot the i's and cross the t's.
    I forbid using every my rom as base because i i spent a lot of hours to create at least bootable build. If somebody just modify my build, he will spend a less then half of hour! And this way he will get all credits/thanks. And i got NOTHING this way.
    Of course, you can disagree with this but it was just my wish.
    If somebody wants to create his own CM12.1 build, he can compile it from source without any problems.
    Be honest, i knew almost nothing about rom developing before this protest by quanganh2627 where he protested that i just published his rom and did nothing. It is a truth but i considered to change this situation. And i did not ask any question. I just used my brain to build more roms. And you know what? After two weeks of cooperation with Google, i compiled my first bootable AOSP rom. So you if you know nothing about rom building, you just need two weeks of hard work and you will succeed. It is much better then just modify build by other developers.

    We just talked about me so lets talk about YOU. Why you did spam same messages again and again?

    It is a very bad, my friend. Why are you ignoring XDA rules?
    Is it really that hard to fix GPS and FM Radio for AOSP based ROMs?

    I'm dying for a clean AOSP based ROM but I can't flash it in these circumstances; no audio and no GPS :/
    I plan to fix audio but nobody can fix GPS because Broadcom and Asus have not published enough source code for this yet.