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Jun 20, 2009
Its the same URL linked in this post nothing has changed
No it isn't.

That URL leads to a file that's saved as `5b2bb801d84b49b196f5260d113f85d6.bin`.

This file is an upgrade from F936BOXM1AVIG - that's the September firmware (note the `AVIG` part of the version - A here means first major OS released for the device, V is the 22nd character of the alphabet denoting 2022, I is the 9th character, denoting the 9th month, September, and G here is the 23rd build on this line in September).

You can actually verify that via the BIN file itself - it's just a standard ZIP file, so change the extension to .zip, and open the build_info.txt found inside. The important part is the `current_version` and `updated_version` fields -> current_version is what the OTA can be applied to, updated_version is the version you're updating to.

The October patch for SM-F936B is AVJ6, meaning the OTA can't be applied to it.

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