***BETA***[ROM][AOKP 8.1/Oreo][HLTE] AOKP Oreo for Galaxy Note 3 (Unified)***BETA***

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    These are beta builds!!! Stuff may be broken/missing/jank!!! You have been warned.

    [ROM][AOKP 8.1/OREO][HLTE] AOKP Oreo for Galaxy Note 3 (Unified) Beta Builds

    These are beta builds!!! Stuff may be broken/missing/jank!!! You have been warned. Again.

    *** Disclaimer***
    Your warranty is now void!
    I am not responsible for damages caused by this ROM
    YOU are choosing to install it!
    If you have any concerns about potential issues or features with this ROM, do your research!
    If you accuse me of causing problems with your device, you WILL be ridiculed!
    Read the above warnings again! These are BETA builds!
    They are [B]NOT[/B] feature-complete, nor are they guaranteed to run!
    By installing them, [B]YOU[/B] are assuming the risk of any potential problems!

    AOKP is a ROM developed by TeamKang, based on AOSP with magical unicorn bytes (awesome features) baked right in!
    hlte builds are for hltexx/hltespr (SM-N9005/SM-N900P)
    hltechn builds are for hltezm (SM-N9008V)
    hltekor builds are for hltektt/hltelgt/hlteskt (SM-N900K/SM-N900L/SM-N9005 (SK Telecom ONLY))
    hltetmo builds are for hlteusc/hltetmo/hltevzw/hltecan (SM-N900R4/SM-N900T/SM-N900V/SM-N900W8)

    • Android 8.1 Oreo
    • OMS/Substratum Support - Theming baked right in
    • SU baked in - No need for SuperSU/Magisk (Unless you want them!)
    • ROMControl App - A centralized place to manage all almost all the cool features Magical unicorn Bytes!!
    • More features coming soon! (P.S. Asking for ETA's is bad, unless you like NOT getting new features! ;) )

    Known Issues
    • Bluetooth does not work with some devices - This is a known issue that also affects LineageOS-15.1 Fixed?
    • You tell me! I have limited testing time, so the more reports I get the better. Please see below for proper issue reporting!

    Proper Issue Reporting
    • Make sure you are seeing the issue on a CLEAN install! If the problem pops up after a dirty flash, wipe data/factory reset and see if it still happens before reporting it
    • Make sure you have not flashed anything extra, such as 3rd party kernels, SuperSU, Magisk, Xposed, etc. These extra packages can cause their own issues. As above, try a full wipe and then only flash the ROM package and Gapps package, and see if the issue persists before reporting
    • In your report please include the following:
      • Issue you are seeing, and how to recreate it
      • Logcat/kmesg from right after the issue if possible
      • Build date of ROM you are running
      • Gapps package you have installed

    Installation instructions
    • Backup your data! (nandroid, TiBu, etc.)
    • Wipe Data/Factory Reset (You did backup, right?)
    • Flash ROM
    • Flash GAPPS
    • Wipe Cache/Dalvik Cache
    • Reboot


    [B][U]Detailed changelogs between each version can be found at download link[/U][/B]
    [B][U]Current changelog: 07/21/2019[/U][/B]
    *[fix]BT bug fixed......again......maybe? lol
    *[update]Latest AOSP/LOS upstream changes (No AOKP changes since last build - We are all focused on Pie, when we have time!)
    [B][U]Changelog: 07/06/2019[/U][/B]
    *[fix]BT bug finally squashed! - I hope anyway, let me know guys!
    *[update]Latest AOSP/AOKP/LOS upstream changes
    [B][U]Changelog: 12/09/2018[/U][/B]
    *[fix?]Changes in hardware/samsung (6 commits) - MAY fix BT issues!
    *[update]Latest AOSP/AOKP/LOS upstream changes
    [B][U]Changelog: 11/18/2018[/U][/B]
    *[fix?]Set proper WBS sample rate - MAY fix BT issues!
    *[update]Update to Android 8.1_r50 base
    *[update]All upstream changes since 09/16
    [B][U]Changelog: 09/16/2018[/U][/B]
    *[update]Update to Android 8.1_r46 base
    *[new/update]Add SystemProfiles QS Tiles
    *[fix]Fix some QS tiles, remove some deprecated QS Tile code
    *[fix?]Fix spacing in bluetooth_vnd.txt, [i]possible[/i] BT issue fix?
    *Full changelog available at download link
    [B][U]Changelog: 08/19/2018[/U][/B]
    *[fix]Remove reference to mIsTap and Handler in absListViewWidgets.java (frameworks/base) - Fixes ListView mod widget issue
    *[fix]Camera regression from 08/12 build fixed - No clue what happened, but everything is working again.
    *[update]Add QS animation options to ROM Control
    *[update]Add QS title hide option to ROM Control
    *[update]Add AOKP logo on status bar option to ROM Control
    *Full changelog available at download link
    [B][U]Changelog: 08/12/2018[/U][/B]
    *[fix]su issues from previous build fixed
    *[update]Revert soundboost to stop speaker distortion [update]SoundBoost mods available at dl links!
    *Full changelog available at download link
    [B][U]Changelog: 07/31/2018[/U][/B]
    *[update/fix?]Remove CarrierConfigs from hlte/hltetmo device trees; CarrierConfigs was duplicated in msm8974-common
    *[update/fix]Remove vendor security patch level from device trees, move to common tree
    *Full changelog available at download link
    [B][U]Changelog: 06/24/2018[/U][/B]
    *[update]Use mpdecision from G900FXXU1CRA2_G900FOXA1CRA2_BTU
    *[update]Drop lib_cutils_atomic shim (was only needed for old mpdecision)
    *[fix?]Changing mpdecision and dropping the shim [B][U]SEEMS[/U][/B] to have fixed rotation on LOS, hopefully fixed for us
    *Full changelog available at download link
    [B][U]Changelog: 06/03/2018[/U][/B]
    *[fix]Boost sound levels across all devices
    *Full changelog available at download link
    [B][U]Changelog: 05/14/2018[/U][/B]
    *[fix?]Commit pulled in from AOKP source to fix camera recording issues.
    *[update]Latest changes from AOKP source
    *Full changelog available at download link
    [B][U]Changelog: 05/06/2018[/U][/B]
    *[update]Minor changes to QS header images support
    *[new]Scrollable QS tiles
    *[new]Add builds for hltechn/hltekor/hltetmo
    *Full changelog  available at download link
    [B][U]Changelog: 4/30/18[/U][/B]
    *[fix?]Changes to phone call audio routing, may help BT phone audio issues
    *[fix?]New overlay that may help with auto-rotation bug
    *[new]Customizable header images
    *Full changelog available at download link
    [B][U]Changelog: 4/23/2018[/U][/B]
    *[new]Initial AOKP Oreo Beta release for hlte

    Thanks To/Credits
    • TeamKang
    • tdm
    • LineageOS
    • @stonedead - For finding sensor batching overlay; a potential rotation bug fix!

    PayPal Donations and thanks are always appreciated!

    XDA:DevDB Information
    Oreo Android Open Kang Project for Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (HLTE), ROM for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3

    Source Code: http://aokp.co/source/

    ROM OS Version: 8.x Oreo
    ROM Kernel: Linux 3.4.x
    ROM Firmware Required: TWRP 3.2.1-1
    Based On: AOKP

    Version Information
    Status: Beta
    Current Beta Version: 2019-07-21
    Beta Release Date: 2019-07-21

    Created 2018-04-24
    Last Updated 2019-07-21
    New AOKP Oreo Build

    Hey guys, I was FINALLY able to get a build completed and uploaded! There are no huge changes in these builds, other than the requiste base updates pushed by AOSP/LOS/AOKP. The only changes of note are moving the VENDOR_SECURITY_PATCH_LEVEL definition to the common tree (shouldn't change anything, just makes life easier IF we ever have a vendor update (we won't lol)) and removing the CarrierConfigs from hlte/hltetmo trees. CarrierConfigs was duplicated into msm8974-common (one of the common device trees shared by this device and other Samsung devices built from the same SoC platform). This MAY help with the com.android.phone crash for Sprint (SM-N900P) users, though I am not positive, as I don't have a Sprint device to test on. In addition to CarrierConfigs being moved, it appears as though some changes were made to CarrierConfigs that may also help, though I have no control over those changes, as msm8974-common is pulled as-is from LOS source, so they have control of it. In any case, please test this build and let me know what you find. Especially you owners of Sprint devices! And, as always, thanks for being my guinea pigs!
    New AOKP Oreo Build

    Hey guys, I just pushed a new set of builds. The new builds have some updates from LOS upstream, and from AOKP. Some of the highlights are update to the latest 8.1 r46 base, adding SystemProfile Tiles to the QS tiles, and some fixes to the way QS tiles are handled. One change that I made was a minor fix in the bluetooth_vnd.txt file. It is a small thing, but it could fix the bluetooth issues. Sometimes it's all in the details. So please test this build, especially bluetooth performance. I know that audio playback via bluetooth works, but I have no way to test phone call audio. As always, a full changelog between this build and the 08/19 build is available on the download page, and thanks for testing!
    Hey guys, just wanted to touch base with you all. I haven't forgotten the Note 3. I have just been super swamped at work, and taking vacation with the family. This weekend I am going to at least try to get a new build up, and see if I can dig in to some of these on going issues like the Bluetooth, random black screen with time in a blue box, the crashes on Sprint, and the button backlights. I do have to work an extra day this weekend, so I may not get much done, but I am trying to get back to doing weekly or bi-weekly builds.

    I also have a question for everyone. How would you guys feel about me removing the sound boost from a couple of builds back and offering it as an add-on for those who need/want it? I have seen several reports of the volume being distorted since that volume boost went live.
    New AOKP Oreo Build

    Hey guys, the new builds are up! Download links are in the OP. The big change in this build is, of course, the potential bt bug fix. So those of you seeing the bt issue, please test and let me know how it goes!