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Jun 16, 2021
Moto G4 Plus
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ArrowOS é um projeto baseado em AOSP iniciado com o objetivo de manter as coisas simples, limpas e organizadas. Nós adicionamos as coisas certas e mais usadas que serão realmente ÚTEIS no final do dia, com o objetivo de fornecer um desempenho suave com melhor duração da bateria.
Capturas de tela

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  • SafetyNet aprovado (Use Magisk Hide)
  • QuickStep como iniciador padrão
  • DTV consertado
  • Flash limpo é recomendado
  • Flash Magisk com rom
  • Flash Gapps após inicializar no sistema

Download: Beta v1.8

Graças a :

fuyukihidekii - fonte e suporte
Rajat Gupta
e muitos outros...


CADA CRÉDITO VAI PARA fuyukihidekii - acabei de usar suas fontes
Vou continuar a desenvolver até que Atenas se torne estável
Por: Ghost Reborn !!!

fornecedor de kernel do dispositivo
I was using the 1.6 version of the rom, and it had some bugs, and what frustrated me most was the random restart, I wanted to know why and if this version was fixed.


New member
Jun 12, 2021
im getting error 255 when i try to flash the rom. I have unlocked the boot loader and installed twrp recovery
Delete the corrupted folders using TWRP File Manager, delete the old backup folder, and try to do a backup again. Consider that this may occur for different folders, so you need to read the log file every time. Currently, TWRP doesn't support multiple user profiles.


Jun 9, 2021
Hey where can I find gapps and which version?
Flame G apps
this supports basic and full package google service.

basic package- similar to open g apps.

full package- provides same as basic + your default apps will be removed from rom and replaces it with google apps like contacts, messaging, phone, browser ,camera ,email, browser, clock, calendar, calculator and you will get access to all google service apps through this (some apps which is only given to pixel users) this provides pure pixel experience on any roms. but this package do not replace stock home launcher with pixel launcher for that next paragraph. makes them as system privileged apps.

addon feature-you can flash addons files with basic or full package to get customized google features like google photos, drive , pixel launcher, maps, google assistant etc. use pixel launcher addon to get complete pixel experience(which is real pixel launcher which comes with DPS(device personalization service) we get trash one in play store.

Iam given below screenshots of redmi note 3 on andriod 10 with ressurection remix os (lineage based) for reference.

flashing method ; same as open g apps if you need any addons you need flash them after flashing basic or full package.

Iam using this on my moto g4 also running on lineage 16 (andriod 9) Iam unable give screen shots for now sorry!. I will try arrow os after i get bored with lineage 16 hoping arrow to become stable more power to developer!

you will get stock camera in full package!

open g apps and mind g apps are outdated against Flame G apps check out guys


  • Screenshot_20210630-214349_Pixel_Launcher[1].png
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  • Screenshot_20210630-220244_Pixel_Launcher[1].png
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Sep 12, 2019
I have an question. What bugs does the last version have?

Edit: Camera bug is from kernel or app? didn't test this rom but i'm curious because i saw some people had problems with camera
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M pigoli

Senior Member
Apr 21, 2015
São Paulo
I noticed that the cell phone restarts frequently when I use the official facebook app,
the same did not happen in a week using fecebook lite.

In time, I would like there to be new updates.


Senior Member
Sep 12, 2019
muy buena la rom esta estable nada mas ahi ue atualizar los srvicios gogle y areglar el flash despues todo de 10 segui asi
¿Te funciona la cámara? manda mensaje privado para saber (cámara frontal, trasera y vídeo) (sorry if asking him/her in spanish, i don't know if that person knows english well)

Oh and you have to post in english because admins will tell you to do it

Translation of his/her post: nice rom, is stable, you only have to update the Play Services and fix flash, outside that everything is 10/10

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