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Question Beta testing program

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Dec 20, 2009
Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3


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Wow! I was just about to start thinking I had imagined seeing the Fold 3 on a beta list (it was late and I wasn't specifically looking for it) and here someone took a screenshot. Thank you! Will be nice to see what the new UI looks like on the Fold, but more importantly it will be nice to see if the update helps with battery life.

Not that I am completely complaining. If I turn on power saving, it rocks. If I am going to be near a power source all day, I keep power saving off. I just wish I didn't have to consider that. A bit nervous about when I move and start going on dive charters. I've seen my phone suck down 20% before lunchtime without using it and the signal is great. If I am a few miles off the coast, it might be dead by the end of my second dive. :(

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