Beta: WM 6.1 by bepe, Build 0.65 [WWE|GER|FRA|ITA|ESN]

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Jan 26, 2008
It's just about included software.
Premium - there are all programs as in original Cruise.
Opera - there is no TomTom included
Standart - dunno
Basic - just OS without any additional software.


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Aug 4, 2008
Polaris 3D Driver Development Project (P3D)

Hi Bepe,

I dont know whether you've been following the 3D driver development thread, but the driver is in a "working" state and our testing has shown some significant performance increases.

We would appreciate if you could include these files in a future release to allow for testing as we have seen different performance gains and decreases from our own testing but believe that some of this could be attributable to the files not being cooked into the rom.

I hope you will assist us in our quest to better our devices.

Best Regards

Polaris 3D Driver Development Team


Dec 24, 2006
Hi all,

I have the Polaris_WWE_0.67_Premium_bepe installed on my Polaris and I see we now have the 3d drivers available to download as a cab, will the above ROM work with the new 3D cab drivers?



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Apr 21, 2008
Picture link is dead yes. Maybe someone remembers the breakdown or maybe Bepe is still subscribed to the thread (think he is in the diamond forum now).

Hi everyone, 1st time I write (I think), but a lot of months reading and learning from you all... Great forum and great gurus here :)

I found a link to the image with the Bepe 0.67 versions.




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Apr 21, 2008
And I must say, I was looking for the fastest & more stable spanish ROM for Polaris... And after months of seeking, I still has not found anything like Bepe 0.67 Basic: it allows full upgrade of Java, Opera, TomTom/Igo... Yes, there are newer builds out there, but who cares when you have one that is really good?

Of course, I am speaking of non-Manila ROMS. Very good work of the cookers of Manila2D ROMs, but if (as my case) you use your polaris for work (full outlook sync, more than 2000 contacts/tasks/notes, Office files, PDF, CAD...), you need fast response & memory, I have tried 4 manila roms and all of them starts after a reset with at least 55% of memory loaded... Not interesting in showing how beautiful are the animations of weather tab (for example)...

Thanks a lot again, Bepe :cool:
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Nov 16, 2008
Problem with Bepe 0.67 GER Premium

Hello !

I have downloaded Bepe 0.67 GER Premium
But I can not install it ? How should I manage this ?
I have a O2 Orbit II , which is similar to Polaris. I have make a update from O2 to Windows Mobile 6.1.
But I want to install this ROM : Bepe 0.67 GER Premium

I have clicked the file "ROM UPDATE UTILITY " from Bepe 0.67 GER Premium download (unzip). But it doesn`t start to update . Just an error message, that i should remove the usb cable and take away the battery and start again my Smartphone . Can anybody help me, how i can make the ROM running on my O2 Orbit II with Windows Mobile 6.1 ?
I just want to have bepe´s rom on it.

I speak german.


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Feb 15, 2008
The HardSPL is here:

Follow the instructions.

anyway... this is Hard-SPL, when you load it and the SPL runs, it'll display the 3 colours then ask you to REPLUG your usb cable, please unplug and re-plug and wait a good few seconds and this will disappear.

within seconds the device will then become upgraded to Hard-SPL.

once that's done, enjoy, you're unlocked.

also please note this Hard-SPL is based on an MFG, for those of you who intend to play.
When is ok you can flash bepe ROM.

Well documented and remember that installing a cooked ROM will void your warranty.
Sorry for my bad english.


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Feb 11, 2008
Mexico City
New Bepe's ROM ???

Hi everybody, I'm using build 0.67 and works fine for me, but I'd like to know if there is a newer build, may be inlcuding Bluetooth fixes and 3d/2D fixes?
Or any other recommended build, including these improvements with a good perfomance such as Bepe's ?

Thanks in advance.


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Jan 18, 2009

hi guys
i have a problem
after i upgrade the rom the camera doesnt work
so i try to install Radio_Murata_PPAS_15.8.21.23 and every time halt at 99%
what should i do?


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Apr 6, 2008

I cannot download the version 0.67. every time i click the WWE a 0kb file downloads automatically. Is there any other place to download this file.

Thank you:(

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    is NET CF 3.5 included in new build?
    bepe continues his work, and it is great.

    but i download and flash new rom almost every week :) i wonder is it ok for device?