-=BG Tweak v0.5 for Sense UI 2.5=- Transparent bars/HQ/B4ALL -- WVGA/VGA --

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May 14, 2010
Yes it does hang on some roms even official roms

@fyatwyrio yes it does hang not just the hd2 but other htc devices
the reason can be found here

In summary the nk.exe has to be patched so that windows can work with modified shell32 and aygshell files, if not patched, the system hangs on soft reset because they arent recognized as authorized files for use.

This happens whether you use the bgtweak or the manual hexedit method, thats why in that post the threadstarter Ham3r recommends cooking if your rom isnt patched already.
Noticed that it works best mostly for roms that have already been patched, cooked or modified.
Stock Roms from HTC hang most of the time.


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Mar 8, 2008
Hi volDeus!

Could you PM me your dropbox share link? I've joined DropBox through your referer and I'm willing to test your builds on a Diamond (Memo ROM).


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Jun 14, 2010
I just installed this to try it, but didn't work. I tried uninstalling it, and now my background wallpaper is black and I can't get CHT to fix it. I'm going to try uninstalling and reinstalling CHT. What happened?


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Mar 8, 2008
Anyone has newer version than in Post #1?
Can you share/upload it?
I PM-ed the author to share DropBox download link (even registered there), but no response. I'd really need this.

Regards, Cina.


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Jun 26, 2006
files from Atemis V26.1

so - after my phone was exchanged 3 times... I'm back to Artemis - got the files form current 26.1 (attached)

Installed CHT, installed BGTwaek, Mod, set transparency -> reboot -> no more boot :(
Phone stuck -> hard reset

Artemis ROMs have always been patched - Sternas says he can't help - anyone with an idea?

(will try this again tomorrow - cant risk another hard reset right now)


  • ArtemisV26.1_23574.zip
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Oct 4, 2008
No. this is first time. I've tried this software. and phone get stuck. so surprise and I post that rude one. :D
Really sory. :eek:

Thank you for the thorough error log provided. Although I believe it's not necessary to have your input, we are facing the usual user error here. Let me guess: You forgot to copy needed files to the root of your SD card?
I still use some older beta and it works flawlessly.


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Nov 24, 2008
****!!!! this software is really SUCKS!!!!!

This kind of attitude de-motivates developers, we have lost alot of deveopers through people posting things like you have.

XDA is a friendly place and it doesnt need rude people here, please consider reading the rules in future or searching your problem instead of introducing yourself to the forums in a manner you did with your first post

Regards, Wez


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Mar 7, 2008
Thank you

Thank you very much!!!!!:D
and i know its not sense but i have it working on touch pro with rhodium manilla wm build 21054


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Jan 8, 2008
I tried to install this on my HD2 bu it seems it didnt work well and I have to done hard reset to get manila back to previous version

I am using Duttys rom and I believe shell file is not patch for this mod.
is it possible for any one to provide me patched files for 24623 build.



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Aug 19, 2009

Hey VolDeus, I used to use the original version with Manila 2012 - do you have any plans to make this for Manila 2016?
Thanks for your work.


EDIT: Is anyone still alive on this thread? @Voldeus - is this project dead now?
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Feb 26, 2010
volDeus i am using build 28236.5.3.3 on my device i was unable to find its shell32.exe but i am using shell32.exe of build 28005 as it is working well;). now the only thing left is aygshell.dll can provide me this?:confused: and by the way your app. is great.
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    Here you go. I've placed it as a link because it might just be on the edge of being NSFW (the weather/clock hide most of it, but just to be on the safe side). I'm currently on 23566 and as you can see the top and bottom bar on the lockscreen are completely black, with the right square in the corner. just let me know if you'd like to have another picture with a darker background or something to compare. It doesn't really bother me at all, I don't see my lockscreen for more than a second or two at a time, lol.

    +1 - also the only "bugs" experienced by me. volDeus this work is amazing, patiently waiting for the Album browser/thumbnail view to see the wallpapers I want to select ;)

    I think this is all related to the same thing that mwalt2 has been talking about. He already posted a code snippet for patching the offending _manila file but I have not had time to play with it myself since I've been focusing on some other stability issues and bugs to get v0.6 out of beta. I will tackle it as soon as I get back from my trip and get v0.6 final posted... Unless someone beats me to it ;)

    I too have the white box on all 6.5.x versions with the tweak applied, but only in "fullscreen" mode. Meaning the lockscreen in CHT and the animated rotated coverflow style music and photo tabs of Sense.
    Hopefully a fix can be found for that, as it's the most notable bug for me at this point.
    However it's not a big deal, would still be nice to get that patched up.
    I have been doing a little digging myself to see if I can track down the exact cause.
    Thanks for all efforts so far on a great solution for our devices wallpaper. ;)

    I'm sure it is caused by something in the 3a8e04af_manila file, but I haven't pinpointed it just yet.

    mwalt2 mentioned 285d005a_manila when he posted the code snippet ... Maybe you could take a look at his post (here) and check if it is the same issue. The _manila files in my MOD are a bit of a mess and include alot of variables to accomodate both VGA and WVGA devices with one file. If you have any questions about how they are working, or would like a copy of the source files so the variable names are easier to understand, shoot me a PM and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.
    Yes, but you're using WM6.5 according to your (nice !) screenshots and Sense 2012 according to your signature.

    It's not quite as simple using WM6.5.x and Sense 2018+.

    The bars are often distorted when rotating, or switch from WM to Sense, etc.

    BTW, could you please explain HOW you did that for CHT 2.0 ?

    I used WM 6.1.
    1. I edit my shell.exe and aygshell.dll http://forum.xda-developers.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=320295&d=1272915476 (try with your own risk)
    2. Install CHT 2 and soft reset
    3. Install volDeus BG Tweak v0.6b4.CAB and soft reset
    4. Run volDeus BG Tweak v0.6b4.CAB, select the wallpaper portrait then landscape. Soft reset
    5. Start, picture & video, set as today background, set transparency = 0
    6. Find stwater_640x480.png (for VGA) at windows folder and copy this wallpaper to other folder
    7. CHT 2, set wallpaper, all tabs select portrait wallpaper, select landscape wallpaper stwater_640x480.png

    Have fun :)