[Big update] [ROM] [Aerom V4] [Official Project] [2016.07.07]

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    Aerom - Alternative Elephone ROM

    Aerom V4 for Elephone P9000 full version.

    Aerom, it is best ROM on P7000, people prefer use his. Now, he is available on P9000OS: Android 6.0
    Bugs: No. All working

    Now, Aerom have 2 editions. All Aerom editions since V4 have amazing optimisation of battery, system and some new features.
    Edition 1 - Google edition:
    Changed all apps on Google apps include: Camera, Gallery, Contacts, Messenger, Dealer and etc. Perfomance of this edition slightly less than in Standart edition.
    Edition 2 - Standart edition:
    Included default Google apps, same with priviosly versions, very good perfomance.



    Amazing perfomance
    A lot of Aerom Tweaks and optimisation
    Fixed a lot of bugs
    Internet connection most stable
    GPS fix's
    Good sound (Dolby atmos aerom edition)
    Forget about overheating
    Very clever thermal profiles and powersaving
    Perfect powersaving and battery life
    On 100% fixed Russian Translate
    Enough of free memmory
    Very Fast
    Very Stable
    Wallpapers easy to apply on home and lock screen
    Latest Gapps
    Good camera
    And etc...


    Dolby atmos aerom edition
    Aerom shut/boot animation
    Battery optimisation
    System optimisation
    Russian translate update
    Deleted flashlights, backup and transfer + pedometer apps
    Fix's of a lot of bugs from Service theme
    A lot of other.


    Tweaks and optimisation of system
    Removed large letters in status bar
    Optimised Camera
    Fixed NFC payment
    Fixed 4G problems for some regions
    Fixed graphical bugs
    Fixed overheating
    Fixed keyboard
    Gps optimisation
    Optimised fingerprint
    Battery 1% fixed
    New modem
    Updated Gapps
    Updated Czech translate
    Updated Russian translate
    New kernel (31 may)
    Removed and changed some apps

    If you unstalled version for SP Flash tool: Unpack, and flash like a stock ROM via Flash Tool in Firmware upgrade or download mode
    If you installed recovery version: Copy zip in internal or external storage, flash custom recovery, reboot in to recovery, make wipes and flash zip with ROM

    Sp flash tool versions:
    Aerom V4 Google edition:
    Aerom V4 Standart edition:

    old Version´s

    Thanks to @Deepflex
    Main thread
    I've just installed it and straight away it feels a bit smoother. I have been using Eragon v2.8.0 previously.
    Also, don't know what sorcery you used, but the fingerprint sensor seems to work flawlessly.

    I'll update this post as I go.

    Thank you very much for spending your time developing for this device!
    what about battery life, FP scanner, NFC, GPS and audio? Can you share your experiences with that?

    Battery life is good, maybe a little bit better then Stock, FP Scanner and NFC i don't use, GPS works well and Audio with Dolby is better then stock. All together, i like the Rom :thumbup:
    does xposed works on this rom?

    Yes !