Bip S + GTS 4 Mini Question

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B rAdley

New member
Aug 15, 2022
Hello. I just joined and I have a few questions. I currently have A Bip S watch and I find it a incredible watch considering the low price, I have a GTS 4 Mini coming in a few days and I was wondering how to manage both in the Zepp App? I read only one can be active at a time? I don't understand how that will work, will I have to log out of one to use the other? If so how do I do that? I have the Bip S running/paired with my older Samsung Galaxy note 5 phone, I just installed the Zepp app on my Ipad and was wondering if I can run/pair my new GTS 4 mini (take a pic of the bar code with the Ipad) and bypass the Samsung phone? The app has the option to add a new watch and I want to take a pic of the bar code on the GTS 4 mini in hopes it will work and sync with my Ipad. One more question, can I just create a new user account on my Ipad and pair my GTS 4 mini with it? It's obviously not a cell phone but I really only care about steps counted and my bike ride miles, I'm hoping it would pair to an Ipad, I read it must be paired with a cell phone but I don't know why, I just sold my fitbit versa 3 and I had it paired with my Ipad and had no problems. Thanks to anyone who can help with these questions, I hope I made sense.