Development BKLYN Kernel for SM-G998B (Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra)

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mate, I had bootloops initially (God knows why), while installing kernel, solved it by sideloading Magisk-558710bb-alpha-2(23016) and installing it after flashing the kernel as per instruction of the creator.
Cheers for the update Champ....

Truth be known the Kernal that comes with the rom I'm using is great... I don't tweak CPU etc, but I did find this one gave me better battery.

I just couldn't be f88ked stuffing around with it to be honest.

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    Disclaimer: I am not responsible if you use this and brick your device or if your device blows up, implodes, flames start shooting from it or it kills your neighbor's dog. Flash at your own risk. I am not responsible.... It was the other guy... I swear....


    This tutorial assumes you understand how to use adb and fastboot.

    Your device’s bootloader has to be unlocked.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: It seems some users need to flash a vbmeta image file provided by Google in order to boot and user the Custom Kernel. If you find yourself in a situation were you are not able to boot, please flash the attached vbmeta img along with the Kernel and if still bootlooping share the last_kmsg to determine what's driving the issue.

    Download >>

    Kernel Sources >>> Source

    Join the Telegram Group for additional support - Link

    Thanks to @afaneh92
    It works fine with the newest UI 4.1. Good job thanks. 👍👍
    on KETAN S08 works fine(enforcing).
    Hi, thank you for your work. Does this kernel has any battery optimizations in place?
    Hi yes you can download the new version on my telegram which includes battery saver mod and background apps killer mod
    Kcal is an advanced colors control like rgb saturation
    Aww yes I had that for my s20 ultra SM-G988U
    New kernel source has been upload, once I get the kernel up and running i'll update new source will be based on G998BXXU3BUK8.