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black shark 3 (not PRO) shark space auto toggling error

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New member
May 11, 2021
Xiaomi Black Shark 3
hi guys good am/pm,
unit:256 gb storage 12 gb ram black shark 3 global version
issue/s: 1. random toggling of sharkspace
2. toggle on button is working
3. toggle 0ff button is not working
so i have no way of getting out of the shark space other than doing a reboot.
other than that i have no other issues.

can you guys please help me?
do i need to replace the main board in which the toggling button is located?
there are no xiomi repair shops near me. we only have general phone repair shops. please help me.
[email protected]


New member
Dec 4, 2021
Hold the power button and bring up power options then hold your finger/thumb on power off until a message pops up, this will take shark space off the switch and put it in power options instead.