BlackShark 3/3 Pro/3S unlock bootloader files.

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Sep 13, 2015
Having this error on Mi Flash when choosing the path for the unlocking files. Couldn't find flash script? any idea?

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    This unlocking method was researched by myself, so I bought two machines to study it.

    I know that many Chinese can unlock the Bootloader, but they are unwilling to announce it.

    They charge high unlock fees to unlock for users in need. This is shameful,I don't like selfish Chinese people.

    so I plan to publish it directly.

    Let all users have the right to choose whether to unlock, I hope you like it.

    How to use it?
    Both BlaskShark 3/3Pro and 3S can use this file to unlock the Bootloader.

    No need to pay high fees to unlock.

    Enter the edl mode method 1: when the phone is off, press and hold the volume up and down keys at the same time,

    insert the USB cable to connect to the computer to enter the edl mode.

    Entering edl mode Method 2: Turn on usb debugging on the phone, and run adb.exe reboot edl in cmd to enter edl mode.

    and use the miflash tools to flash unlockfiles.

    Then enter fastboot mode, run UnlockBL.bat to unlock your phone.

    Enjoy it!
    Download link:

    Blackshark 3/3Pro TWRP download link:

    Blackshark 3 KLE-H0 global beta rom download link:

    Blackshark 3 Pro MBU-H0 global rom download link:

    Unlocking the Bootloader through this method may cause the fingerprint to be lost,
    and it needs to be recalibrated before it can be used.

    Fingerprint calibration tutorial
    Enter *#*#466349#*#* on the dial keypad
    Will jump to the fingerprint calibration interface,
    Then click 售后校准, you will be prompted to Put the FLASH FLA then click START.
    Click Start first, and then immediately press your thumb on the fingerprint module, keeping the phone from moving.
    Wait for this step to be complete, then it will prompt Put the black FLAT
    You can use black things, or wrap your thumb in black clothes, and then press and hold the fingerprint module.
    Then wait for the calibration to complete
    The fingerprint module must be completely covered during the calibration process, otherwise the unlock rate will decrease
    After success, restart the phone to re-enter the fingerprint and use the fingerprint to unlock.
    This is awesome! I have successfully unlocked the bootloader and flashed the Global Beta Rom on my Black Shark 3 12gb/128gb model!

    No. Dont know how to fix it... Unless we received a real bs3 rom

    so finger print wont work after flashing from. cn to global?
    The fingerprint is not working. It disappeared. Have you solved this problem?

    I have updated the solution and hope to help you solve this problem.
    I successfully flashed the global rom.

    how you do this please told me