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Blackview BV6600 - Flashing a new OS, Plz Help

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New member
Jul 20, 2021
Hi all,

Came by a Blackview BV6600 from someone who gave up on it - shipped saying that the device was 'corrupt and couldn't be trusted'. Went back and forth with their crappy customer service and gave up, sold it to me for cheap. It seems like a decently rugged phone but it does have a lot of bloatware and according to some threads on here about the mfgr I don't know if I trust them too much.

I'd like to wipe this phone, and I'm finding it difficult to locate a generic 'How to' for flashing a new OS to a phone. Disclosure; this is the first time I've done something like this. My experience is with computers, I know phones are a different beast and the user has much less freedom due to specifics of the hardware. If I say anything based on incorrect assumptions please correct me.

Again, what I would like to do is akin to installing Linux on what was a Windows box. I'd like to ****can as much weird chinese bloatware as possible (upto and including the entire OS) and replace it with some basic clean open source software. It seems like LineageOS does not have a version for Blackview phones, nor does it have a generic image. I notice that the Android open source project has 'Generic System Images' https://source.android.com/setup/build/gsi#flashing-gsis which sounds like what I want but references a vbmeta.img file which itself, as far as I can tell searching the forums, is likely manufacturer dependent, maybe phone dependent.

Anyway, I'm taking all the steps I see across enough sites to suggest they are platform-independent and won't brick my phone. Been following this video
since it's relatively recent and addresses my specific manufacturer.

So far I have:
Got developer permissions (go to Settings-About Phone, click build number repetitively)
in Settings-System turned on OEM unlocking and USB debugging
Figured out how to put this phone model in fastboot mode (hold volume up during restart)
Installed ADB and Fastboot (Linux), pinged the phone with "adb devices" and checked it's partitioning with " 'adb shell' <enter> 'getprop ro.build.ab_update' " no output, so that suggests 'A only'.

Next step seems to be:
oem unlock using fastboot. I seem to be having trouble here. In fastboot mode connected via USB, I can't detect the device. "Waiting for any device". 'adb devices' gives no response. No idea why. Phone screen looks exactly like in the video, hooked to USB that did return output for USB devices in normal boot mode.

Once I get over this dumb hump, I think I'll need to find a version of TWRP that will work on my device, install TWRP.
At this point I'm even more at sea: Most places suggest Magisk, but I've also seen explainers to wipe the old OS and install LineageOS.

If anyone has advice on what to do from here, specifically the near-term issue of not being able to find my phone via USB debugging while in fastboot mode, please let me know. But of course, long term I'm gonna need to know how to shovel this **** the phone came with out of storage and replace with a clean install so that is welcome as well.