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Bliss os 11.13

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New member
Jan 30, 2020
hello, I tested 11.12 and 11.13, virtwifi via cable connect, only use cable, 1 Mbit per seconds, now in 11.13 he break the download on google play store, on a small app 91%, for 180mb 3 minutes or more
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Rais Fatullayev

New member
Apr 30, 2021
And my screen became yellow and glitched when i installed Bliss OS to my pc with dual boot, never happened on previous version and this was first time i was installed today, i will install prime os if this persists.


New member
Nov 27, 2013

I recently installed Bliss OS 11 and it works great. There are some issues.

  1. Apps downloaded from play store have USA country apps, I live in India. For example - amazon app shows USA products and the price are in dollars. Sideloading the app worked, but doing this for all the apps becomes a hassle.
  2. Auto-screen rotation does not work out of the box. I have sensor for screen rotation and it worked flawlessly in Ubuntu. Workaround is I have to manually change the orientation using built in app.
  3. I cannot play some games because of the error "Restricted location", any way to solve this? That game is India country specific (battlegrounds mobile India - BGMI)
  4. Is there any way to disable the boot screen where it shows bliss OS, bliss OS with debug and other options. I want it to jump directly into loading OS because I don't have keyboard (touchscreen device) and I have to wait until it automatically selects the option.
  5. The screen brightness worked great in ubuntu. Now the screen always looks dim. its like there are only three levels - really low, low and medium.
Kindly do help me. Thanks in advance. (sorry for my bad English).