BlissRoms 14.7 (R) for J5 (2016)[SM-J510x][VANILLA][UNOFFICIAL]

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Nope, I'm still here, but I don't think our devices work good with A12.
Even A11 does not work comletely bugfree.
And I don't have the power to work on A12 for J5 at the moment (and I've got a A52 from work in the meantime).
Mr jenslody
This Android 11 ROM J5xnlte
Are you updating?
Up to problems such as hotspots and ...
Be fixed

Or you will not make another ROM for this phone model

Or not🙏🤨😀


Nov 25, 2021
Hi Jenslody,

i wanted to say Thank You very much for your big peace of good work, that you've done with this Fork? of the Bliss Rom..

Recently I came across of an old J510FN and could not find a single Rom that was bug free in point of simcard detection and mobile data.. Also it runs smooth and fluently.. Great & outstanding work!!

Greeting's from Berlin
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Nov 25, 2021
Sry for bottering you with noob questions.. ;-)

Anybody out there who can tell me where I can find the option to deactivate the 'Always On Function' (AOD).. Could'nt find it in Blissify or maybe I'm to blind to see..

Thx folx!
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    I am not responsible if flashing this ROM bricks your phone or causes thermonuclear war
    and ends the world as we know it.
    You have been warned.

    Bliss Rom 14.7 (based on Android 11) Unofficial VANILLA (no gapps)​
    More information about the rom can be found on the:​

    What works

    most stuff​
    in detail: ril, mobile data, wifi, camera, video, audio, nfc, fm-radio, gps, bluetooth, drm, pip​
    except what's listed in bugs​
    encryption works, decryption in TWRP also (at least with my TWRP), more details come, be careful and take a full backup before encrypting


    • mobile data (unreliable)
    • bluetooth
    • video recording
    • drm
    • pip
    • hotspot
    • encryption
    • miracast
    • no Volte!
    • You tell me

    all Galaxy-MSM8916 devs and contributors for the base trees​
    @Zakaryan2004 for some telegram chats about our device​
    @SebaUbuntu for fixing nfc and drm​
    the BlissRoms team for the great rom​
    the xda community​


    Not all of the following sources and urls are uptodate

    my local_manifests file pulls in several (slightly) modified or otherwise needed repos (e.g.):​
    and my device-tree:​

    Downloads from my server


    At least MarshMallow bootloader is required or you will not be able to boot the rom !​
    Latest stock firmware is recommended before installing this rom, even if it might work with older versions !​
    You have to reboot one time after first boot to make mobile data work.​
    • Use the TWRP from the download-link for your device above (needs to be flashed from existing TWRP, or use ODIN version)
    • Download the latest build
    • Put it on your device
    • Reboot to TWRP
    • Take a full backup
    • If you want to be sure wipe the device
    • Flash the latest build
    • Clean Cache and Dalvik if you want
    • Reboot and enjoy


    Easily rootable with the great Magisk (stable) by @topjohnwu.​
    I use it as daily driver without major issues, except mobile data (see above).
    I use microG as google replacement and for push-services, signature-spoofing is already build into the rom.​
    If you want to use gapps, be aware that you need the arm not the arm64 builds.
    he's probably busy with his daily life
    This, and no changes in rom sources since nearly two weeks.
    And I'm stuck on clearing up my repos to finally push them.
    And working on (rarely at the moment) making selinux enforcing.
    A new build with december patch will come soon.
    I finally found the commit which broke the hwcomposer.
    Mobile data is still absolutely unreliable, but drm is fixed, and it should be possible to use the netflix app (at least it installs and starts without issues with microG installed).
    Finally a new build is out (see OP for links).
    The rom sourecs have been rebased, therefore the long delay and the increased version number (14.0 -> 14.1).
    Not all customizations have beem added back and you might need to do a clean flash, but you can try a dirty one before you have to set up everything a gain.
    As always a backup is recommended before updating.

    If you don't mind to stay with february sec-patch there is no need to update, I think more customizations will come, but it's not up to me.
    New build is out, pip is working now.
    Links in OP are updated as always.
    Feedback is welcome.