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Bluetooth audio problem

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Senior Member
Jan 3, 2011
Hi all,
I have MI 10T and recently I bought xiaomi's TWS 2S headphones. I noticed that when screen is locked, audio becomes very bad on Spotify (ie). Same thing happens sometimes even if not in locked screen.
Output is distorted, and generally is a bad experience. On the other hand I've tested the headset with other devices (ipad, mi note 3, Samsung S71) and audio is perfect. So my best guess is that there's something wrong (hopefully) at Bluetooth software.

I've changed Spotify to no battery restrictions, and set it to autostart. Didn't help. I also visit developer settings and tried to change the audio codec from default to something else. There I noticed that's not possible. Whatever change I do, when I exit dev's page it returns back to default values.
Any other had Bluetooth problems?
I'm on 12.0.15 stock global.