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Bluetooth connect

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New member
Mar 26, 2021
Hi, I have a Joying android 10 head unit 7", I have an Autopmall heads up unit that uses the map app WiiYii, this app is auto connect to heads up unit when opened, you have to have data, location and Bluetooth turned on, the problem I can not find how to turn on the bluetooth on the Joying, no switch, I have installed many BT apps and have found the one that finds the head up unit HYHUD so I know it can be found. I `m hoping that if I can turn on BT It may connect. It will connect to a Samsung A71 android phone and an android 6 tablet, but they can`t keep up with GPS or location, if it can be connect to the Joying it has the the GPS antenna. Thanks for any help I can try. Bill