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bluetooth doesn't pair and clicking on aaw

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New member
Jun 2, 2021
i am using aaw on my samsung note 10+ with an auto mbux system.

initially, while the aaw does not appear on the screen, the samsung never completely pairs with the aaw box but it is necessary to have it listed and let it keep trying to connect or the mbux will not receive the signal.
any idea if there are any settings to play with to get the pairing done.

Second and more important,, every 3 to 4 minutes there is a click and the radio goes dead for about 1 sec and then continues.
it is starting to get annoying.
any thoughts on how to stop the clicking and 1 sec disconnect..
i looked at my phone to see if the clicking coincided with the phjone bluetooth trying to connect to the aaw but it did not coincide.

any thoughts would be appreciated.