Bluetooth Handsfree Device (Evaluation Copy)

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Nov 13, 2003
Anyone come across this message yet? I added my Bluetooth headset today for IP SoftPhone purposes, and saw that the Shift found a "Bluetooth Handsfree Device (Evaluation Copy)". The headset works fine, but the "Evaluation Copy" somehow does not inspire confidence. Potential license issue in the Bluetooth stack perhaps??
Apr 23, 2006
All worked fine for me aswell... Untill today that is, the connection seemed to skip and after I recoupeled my ht820 I only get sound through my internal speakers.

Both my shift and headset indicate that they are paired.

Very anoying, anyone else had this problem?
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Feb 5, 2006
Abu Dhabi
Just FYI, its a very basic BT stack included in the Shift, (you will get an error PID install for an HP 460WBT printer when connected via BT but just diasble the offending PID item in device manager and all will work fine.

I am afraid we are victims of our own devices and it goes back to something I said in the Wizard and Kaiser forums...If people here are willing to put in the unpaid hours to sort out HTC's problems they will be inclined to put out more and more devices in "Hobby" mode...

We are unpaid BETA testers for HTC don't ya know!!! :eek: