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Bluetooth Tracker & Alarm for smart phone

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Feb 26, 2009

I have had lately issues with thives.
My Samsung Galaxy S4 was stolen when i was out in public from my pocket.
Do you people know is there possible to set up Samsung Galaxy note 3 and that gear wach this way that IF i forget phone on my work table when i leave office or somone takes it from my pocket wach will sound an alarm as phone is away from em from x ammount meeters?
Thios would prevent me forgeting phone somwhere and also when somone tries to steal it directly from my pocket.
Or is there any other gear that will help to prevent those things to happen?
I have loost too many phones and now got this one stolen.
I am getting tomorrow Galaxy note 3 and thinking how to prevent to forgeting it somwhere or geting this stolen again?

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