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Bluetooth turns off an on by itself

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New member
Sep 24, 2021
Hello guys!

After the latest update my exynos S10e started to randomly turn BT off and than right back on. It also does it if I tap scan.
I already did: wipe cache partition, cleared cache of BT, turned battery ssving options off, messed with developer options like gabeldorsche, tried safe mode, I even factory resetted it, nothing helps, same behavior.
Bootloader version has changed, so no way to flash back old firmware (thank you samsung!).
I noticed this because the phone will lose connection to my car's BT after a couple of minutes. Interestingly, the connection is never lost during phone calls over BT, but the moment I hang up, the error message appears on my car's dash. And no it's definitely not the car. It worked with this phone and it still works perfectly with other phones.
Could this be hardware related? Phone is of course 1 month.out of warranty.