Bluetooth wont turn on after windows 10 mobile update Nokia Lumia 925

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Jan 12, 2018
Hello everyone, this is a strange problem ive encountered. After reaching 8.10.14226.359 build on 8.1 i ran the offline windows 10 mobile updater using iutool. The only issue i have is the bluetooth notification showing its turned on but not connected but off in the app. I cannot turn it on. Ive updated everything this is the only issue i have everything else is fine. Windows 10 mobile runs very well on the 925 lumia. I am at OS 10.0.14393.2007. I also gained root access to modify some registry settings. I would be very grateful if someone knew a fix for the bluetooth. Thank you in advance.


Senior Member
Jul 24, 2016
It's a known bug for the x2x line of phones. You can solve it either by rebooting the phone until it lets you activate the Bluetooth, then reboot it once again with the BT turned on or simply do a hard reset.