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Body Glove Entrepreneur snap on case - review

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Mar 29, 2010
When I got my Flipside there were not many options for snap on cases. Actually, the only one I could find was the Body Glove Entrepreneur snap on case. I got mine from eBay for $10.95, including shipping.

It has excellent fit and does not add much bulk to the phone. I feel that the phone is easier to handle with the case on.

The Flipside's camera protrudes from the back of the phone slightly. That means that without the case the phone never laid flat when placed on a table. With the case on the phone will lay flat and the camera is protected.

The back surface of the case has a raised pattern on it that keeps it from being slippery. The case does not pick up lint the way that silicon of soft rubber cases often do.

The case just snaps on the phone, but it is very secure. It is easiest to remove the case if you open the keyboard first.


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