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May 31, 2023
Tired of paying the outrageous price that GoogleFi charges (2-3 phones, only use 2) for $90/mo - have tried other plans and they get you on the data even though I am on Wi-Fi 90% of the time.

Started looking around at carriers like Boost Mobile and for $15/mo per line I can get unlimited talk/text & 5GB of data. That amount of data is more than enough since I am on WI-FI most of the time.

Question is how is Boost Mobile? I understand they use T-Mobile & AT&T for their network and support 5G so coverage should be good as I am covered by both T-Mobile & AT&T heavily, but how is it for those that actually use it?

Phones that would be used would be a iPhone SE 3rd Gen & either a iPhone XS or 13.

Appreciate your responses!


Apr 10, 2023
tello is cheapest for most basic plans (no contracts,)
runs on ATT network

$6 for unl text/ 100 min call 500 megs data (build your own plans)
$10 for unl text/call 1 gig data
$14 for unl text/call 2 gig data
$19 for unl text/call 5 gig data
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